Who is Taylor Kinney Dating? Who is Taylor Kinney dating? Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger Relationship Timeline!

by Moore Martin

Who is Taylor Kinney Dating

Who is Taylor Kinney Dating


In the world of Hollywood romance, the spotlight often shines brightest on celebrity relationships. One such captivating duo is Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger. Let’s delve into their love story and explore the journey of their blossoming relationship.

Taylor Kinney’s New Love

A Fresh Start

Taylor Kinney, renowned for his acting prowess, found love anew with model Ashley Cruger in 2022.

Making it Official

Taylor took to Instagram in March 2022 to make their relationship official, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his romantic life.

Ashley Cruger: The Woman by His Side

From Iowa to the Limelight

Ashley, a graduate of the University of Iowa with a journalism degree, stepped into the world of modeling, catching Taylor’s eye amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

A Professional Journey

As a professional model signed with BMG Models, Ashley has graced both runways and screens, adding depth to her burgeoning career.

Taylor Kinney’s Past Romance

A Chapter with Lady Gaga

Before Ashley, Taylor’s romantic journey was intertwined with pop sensation Lady Gaga. Their relationship, which began in 2011, captured the attention of millions before coming to an amicable end in 2016.

Timeline of Taylor and Ashley’s Relationship

Early Days

The sparks between Taylor and Ashley ignited in early 2022, sparking speculation among fans and media alike.

Going Public

Their romance took center stage as they graced events together, such as the Celebrity Ski and Smile Challenge benefit, showcasing their affection for all to see.

A Glamorous Affair

In July 2022, the couple made a glamorous appearance at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, solidifying their bond amidst the glitz and glamour of Monaco.

FAQs about Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger’s Relationship

1 Who is Taylor Kinney dating now?

Taylor Kinney is currently dating model Ashley Cruger.

2 When did Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger’s relationship begin?

Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger’s romance commenced in early 2022.

3 What is Ashley Cruger’s background?

Ashley Cruger is a model and actor, holding a journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

4 Who was Taylor Kinney previously in a relationship with?

Taylor Kinney was previously in a relationship with pop superstar Lady Gaga.

5 What is Taylor Kinney’s career trajectory?

Taylor Kinney has had a successful career in both television and film, notably starring in Chicago Fire and The Vampire Diaries.


In the realm of Hollywood romance, Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger’s love story shines bright, captivating fans with its charm and sincerity. As they continue to navigate the limelight together, their journey serves as a beacon of hope amidst the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

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