Why NFT Token THETA Rallied 17,892% In One Year

by Carter Toni

We want to start our review with the question: Please tell me how much time in a day do you spend watching a video on the Internet? The answer to this question, please write in the comments below the article. We need this information in order to understand how attractive the Theta Token platform will be for users, which we will talk about.

Cryptocurrency Theta Token is a key platform tool for promoting video content. The THETA token will be used on the platform for the purpose of rewarding users, as well as forging relationships between content creators and advertisers.

The Theta Token platform is a project of Theta Labs, which in turn is a subsidiary of SLIVER.tv.

Features of Theta Token cryptocurrency

The developers of the project noticed that most of the advertising that we now “hawala” is provided to us from video materials. And the total amount of video content is constantly growing. Therefore, Theta Token team decided to create their own decentralized platform, which would give an opportunity to earn money for both users and advertisers with video creators.

To ensure the above conditions, the Theta Labs team has developed the following interaction scheme:

– first of all, the content creator uploads his material to the platform, then sets up its properties (audience, number of impressions, cost);

– each user who will watch the video can rent out their computing power, which will help promote the content;

– the more a network participant takes part in the distribution of content, the higher his reputation in the network will be, and as a result, the more rewards he will receive in the form of Theta tokens.

This project is based on the Proof of Engagement method. With the help of PoE, the possibility of transparent accrual of tokens will be provided. If the user has not watched the video, then he will not receive a reward.

Theta Token cryptocurrency prospects

We still do not believe that blockchain projects that are aimed at replacing existing social networks will be able to occupy their niche. But, Theta Token has a slightly different story. Since this project is, in fact, a product of SLIVER.tv, first of all, the Theta Token team will transfer to the SLIVER.tv blockchain and its entire client base. Such a step will be able to speed up the launch and development process, which will positively affect the value of Theta. But again, this is just speculation.

Where to buy Theta Token cryptocurrency

Recently, Theta tokens have become a popular digital asset. The average daily trading turnover is 10% of the project capitalization (60,000,000 USD). If you want to exchange btc to theta, you should know that the cost of 1 Theta token is $ 0.1, and you can buy them on the Binance and Huobi exchanges.


The official website of the project is located at www.thetatoken.org, where you can find more technical information, as well as see the list of the project team.

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