Win Dream Clients by Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media

by Carter Toni

Trust is the first thing, which we need to build with the customers for our objective to fulfill. Be it growing the audience for blog, selling a product, or providing a service, you need to give people a reason to choose you over other options. Interacting with people on social media is really important in building the trust. Yes, it’s true that it’s still kind of a big deal, so take benefit of the attention by investing it for your brand. One of the best tricks to take benefit of social media is to use it to humanize your brand. Social media is a best platform to communicate and connect with the customers. Remember the fact that present day customer values concentrated personalization and engagement. And, the way by which you can it is by humanizing your brand. Humanization is needed as the clients are human, partners are human, employees are human and social media followers are human.

What is the need to humanize your BRAND?

It is very simple trick. People interact and respond to the people. Robotic techniques are far more used and right now we need something which could communicate, interact and respond to the customers. And, who else could do this better than a HUMAN itself. Social media networks don’t work more efficiently in appearing mysterious. Audience not only will interact with you but would try to realize the “why” behind what your brand is doing. This will only happen when a face is communicating. It’s very important that you display and maintain an agreeable voice for your brand. It will help your to connect with your audience. Who doesn’t enjoy being able to take a peek into what is running in the company and how do they perform jobs. Humanizing is making openness to the customers about the brand rather than seen as a faceless person or organization.

Have fun thinking like a Human Brand

It is right if you are thinking how to behave like a human brand. So, to sort this out we have mentioned some of the ways to think like a human brand, while interacting with your audience on social media:

  • Profile engagement: Make sure to interact with other profiles. The engagement should be in a way that it lights a friendly sense of behavior. Modern-day customers pays when you respond in a respectful, levelheaded, or at least in a humorous way.
  • Keep check on the vocabulary: Notice the trend and talk in a way that has a vocabulary which is warm, inviting and personalized. People like when you are talking like them, they tend to go for that. Don’t ever make it obvious that a robot is running the show.
  • Humbleness pays: Be humble with your attitude. Whenever you make mistakes, accept and own them, laugh at them and do better.
  • Faces of your brand: More the faces that you show of your brand, more the people will engage with you. One of the examples is share the pictures of your staff acting in their real workspace. Make it more relatable to the audience.
  • Timeliness in response: Answering to the queries of the customers without staring at them blankly in silence. A sense of respect must be maintained while communicating with audience online, so pay attention to their queries and be helpful.

How to humanize your brand?

Engaging your customers on social media is helpful in humanizing your brand. Here are some of the ways:

  1. Have a personality: The key to having a band personality is to know who you are. And, if you still don’t know what your brand personality is, you should better figure it out. Tone of the educational material of your brand ha do a lot. It matters. Are you serious? Who are you? Are you funny? Are you a combination of both? What are you? The tone of your conversations. Social media is going to open everything and you will have one personality online and another when a customer calls your support center.
  2. Avoid corporate speak and talk in the first person: You maybe a brand, but your social media accounts are run by human beings, not logos. Forget about all the buzzwords and jargon. You don’t have to impress your followers with your vocabulary so talk that way. It’s OK to talk business and refer to your brand in the first person. Small talk can make a big deal, so be available, responsive, and conversational.
  3. Show a sense of humor: If you want to connect fast with your audience on social media, humor is an easy and effective way. Always keep in mind the three factors while using humor i.e. fun, information and control. Also, one thing that you would want to make sure is that your humor doesn’t hurt other people. Humor is a unique and entertaining way of communication.
  4. Strike an emotional chord: Building real relationships is possible with the emotional attachment. Make them laugh, cry or mad. Do something which make your audience think is different. Inspire them to do more, be more and leverage you. More emotionally you can connected with your audience, the better you will be at understanding.
  5. Partner with social media influencers: Influencer marketing has become more popular in recent years. The attention of the people has moved from television to social media. Your followers also are turning to industry experts and professionals for advice. As a marketer, if you are chasing the attention of your target audience make sure to follow the rule of giving advice for bringing your brand lots of exposure.


The most effective and valuable strategy to gain popularity on social media is humanizing your brand. You are able to build stronger and deeper relationships with your target audience by providing them a face of our brand and yourself more approachable to them. Infuse your brand with human elements and I promise that you are going to gain a lot more loyal customers. You can also share stories of overcoming failure with your followers to inspire them and connect with them.

So, what practices are you adopting to humanize your brand

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