WordPress 6.0 is Here! Check Out the New Features!

by Glenn Maxwell

WordPress 6.0 is finally here! This new version of WordPress comes with many new features and enhancements. This version includes significant modifications to the entire site editing experience, introducing a new method of website creation. Since 5.9 had some limitations, this functionality is even more extended and easier to use in 6.0. For a web development company, this is an inspiring update.

In addition to the new site editing experience, WordPress has made some other significant improvements. The latest version includes better design tools, accessibility improvements, and changes for developers. Overall, we think this is a great update and we’re excited to see what else WordPress has in store!

In this post, we’ll show you what’s new in WordPress 6.0 and which features you should try out once your sites are updated.

  • Extended Full Site Editing Features

WordPress 6.0 brings more improvements to the entire site editing feature. There are now new site-wide blocks, editable templates, and more patterns.

The global styles switcher in the Site Editor is a big improvement. You’ll be able to use pre-made theme presets to change the look and feel of your website quickly and easily.

You’ll also notice significant improvements to WordPress’ user interface (UI). Selecting text across many blocks previously selected the entire block in previous upgrades. In contrast, WordPress 6.0 will allow you to select the specific text you wish to modify. You can also change blocks without affecting color or typography settings.

  • A Focus on Patterns

WordPress 6.0 adds must-have pages for most sites, including patterns. As of WordPress 6.0, a popup window with a list of patterns will appear when you go to the ‘Add New Page’ screen.

Because it’s new functionality, your WordPress theme may not yet include any page patterns. In that case, the popup will be invisible to you. Despite this fact, you may still use the patterns library to discover and add a pattern for the page you want to create.

  • New Blocks

You’ll be able to use a new set of blocks when you access WordPress 6.0. The comments are the focus of these blocks. A Post Comments Form block, for example, is likely to appear. This component allows you to modify your comments form in the Post Editor.

The Comments Loop block is a new feature that allows you to loop through comments. This element will loop through and display your blog’s most recent comments since it resembles a Query Loop block. There are more comment-related sub-blocks in addition to the Comments Loop block. The author name, avatar, content, and other information of a comment may all be included.

WordPress 6.0 will add a new Read More block. You can customize the background, border, and color to make it stand out. The Query Loop block already exists, but you can now also add a No Results block to it if your query doesn’t show any results.

You’ll be able to view previews of the various block types as well. This will help you choose the right style for your content. Additionally, you can showcase your author information and profile image.

  • Block Editor Enhancements

The block editor is where most WordPress users spend the bulk of their time adding and editing content for their sites. WordPress versions are designed to evolve progressively, both in features and functionality. WordPress 6 is the most recent version at this time. It’s not known exactly when a future release will be announced, so it might be some time before you see a new iteration of WordPress 7 come out. However, with each update comes improvements for users.

WordPress 6.0 now allows you to restrict users from editing or moving a block and prevent them from deleting it.

With WordPress 6.0, it is now much easier for users to select the text between multiple blocks. You can now choose how you want blocks to behave on different screen sizes. Group blocks can be displayed in a row or a stack.

  • Better Design Tools

WordPress 6.0 is an update that tries to make it easier to design blocks. Each block has its own settings and functions, but this update merges some of the design tools. It is currently difficult to change the spacing of blocks on a web page. A new ticket has been submitted to make it easier to adjust the height, padding, width, and alignment of blocks all at once. This feature would be called the Dimensions Panel.

You may also rearrange multiple blocks’ layouts. After selecting them, you may transform multiple blocks into Group, Row, or Stack blocks.

Blocks in WordPress 6.0 will be more responsive. This means that they will look good on different devices, no matter what theme.

  • Accessibility Improvements

WordPress’s primary purpose is to democratize publishing for everyone. To make the core software more user-friendly, each WordPress version includes improvements. The most notable accessibility enhancements in WordPress 6.0 are listed below.

If no additional ALT text is provided, the post’s title will be used as the featured image’s ALT text.

Placeholders in new tab pages give users a sense of something more to discover when they visit.

The text labels on the navigation bar will be eligible to screen readers on smaller displays.

  • Changes For Developers

WordPress 6.0 will bring several new features for WordPress users, including a redesigned interface and several performance improvements. There will be numerous under-the-hood changes for developers to help you manage your tasks.

When you hire web developers, they will be able to take advantage of the new features and make your vision for your website come to life.

The latest version of WordPress also includes several changes aimed at making life easier for plugin and theme developers.


WordPress is constantly adding new functionality and improving. Developers of WordPress are continuously trying to improve it. Hiring a website development company can help you get the most out of your website. If you’re looking for a new feature or want to improve an existing one, there’s a good chance that a developer has already created a plugin or theme that does what you need.

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