Zoi Price Missing: What Really Happened to Zoi Price?

by Moore Martin

Zoi Price Missing


The mystery surrounding the disappearance of 10-year-old Zoi Price from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, has captured the attention of many concerned individuals. In this article, we will delve into the details of her disappearance, the subsequent Amber Alert, and the heartwarming news of her safe recovery.

Zoi Price’s Disappearance

Zoi Price, a young girl from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, found herself at the center of a harrowing incident when she went missing. She has brown, medium shoulder-length hair, stands at 4 feet 11 inches, and weighs approximately 90 pounds. The community was deeply worried about her safety and well-being.

The Amber Alert

An Amber Alert was swiftly issued to aid in the search for Zoi. The alert included critical information about her and her father, Bradley Price, aged 61, who left with her in a 2000 Honda Odyssey with a Kentucky Plate reading “111TJL.” This alert played a crucial role in mobilizing the community and law enforcement agencies to assist in locating Zoi.

Zoi Price’s Safe Recovery

Thankfully, the collective efforts of law enforcement and the public led to the safe recovery of Zoi Price. The Amber Alert proved successful, and Zoi was reunited with her loved ones. This heartwarming news brought immense relief to the community.

Community Response

The swift response and collaboration between the community, law enforcement, and various agencies underscore the importance of collective efforts in ensuring the safety of individuals in such situations. The community’s vigilance and willingness to assist played a pivotal role in Zoi’s safe return home.

Who is Zoi Price?

Zoi Price is a young girl from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, who was the subject of the Amber Alert. She was taken from the 1000 block of Paula Drive by her father, Bradley Price, aged 61. Fortunately, the alert was canceled as Kentucky State Police confirmed Zoi’s safe recovery. However, specific details about her exact location during her disappearance and discovery remain undisclosed.

The Mystery Surrounding Her Disappearance

Despite the heartening news of Zoi’s safe recovery, questions linger about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and discovery. The community eagerly awaits further updates and information regarding this mysterious incident.

The Role of Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies played a pivotal role in ensuring Zoi’s safe return. Their quick response and coordination with the public were instrumental in resolving this case. The dedication of these professionals highlights the importance of their work in safeguarding communities.


In a heartwarming turn of events, Zoi Price has been found safe, and the Amber Alert has been canceled. The collective efforts of law enforcement, the community, and various agencies have played a vital role in this positive outcome.


  1. What led to Zoi Price going missing?

    Zoi Price was taken by her father, Bradley Price, prompting an Amber Alert in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

  2. How was Zoi Price found?

    Zoi was located and confirmed safe by Kentucky State Police, bringing relief to the concerned community.

  3. What were the identifying features of Zoi Price?

    Zoi, a 10-year-old, has brown shoulder-length hair, stands at 4’11”, and weighs approximately 90 pounds.

  4. How did the public and law enforcement contribute to Zoi’s recovery?

    Quick public response and collaboration with law enforcement played a crucial role in ensuring Zoi’s safe return home.

  5. Where did the incident involving Zoi Price take place?

    Zoi was taken from the 1000 block of Paula Drive in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

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