Zombie Edge Theme with the New Skull Crate in the Latest BGMI Update: How to Avail?

by Moore Martin

Zombie Edge theme with new Skull crate in new BGMI update

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an exciting update in version 2.8! The gaming community is buzzing with curiosity about the latest addition: the Skull Crate. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing details surrounding this new feature, including how to avail it and what treasures it holds.

Unveiling the Zombie Edge Theme with the Skull Crate

BGMI’s 2.8 update has introduced a Zombie Edge theme that has players thrilled. The theme is creating quite a stir among gamers who are eager to explore its mysteries. To add to the excitement, BGMI has unveiled the “Box of Horrors,” which features the all-new “Skull Crate.” But what is this update all about, and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

The Allure of the Skull Crate

The Skull Crate undoubtedly holds a host of eerie rewards that will entice every player. BGMI’s official account has shared a post, shedding light on the latest Skull Crate and the accompanying items for players. With the crate now accessible in the game, players can obtain it using UC, the in-game currency for BGMI. If you’re a BGMI enthusiast, you’re likely well-acquainted with the game and have eagerly awaited this update. In the following sections, we’ll provide you with more comprehensive information about this exciting development.

A Glimpse of the Spine-Chilling Treasures

The new update features a range of Halloween-themed items, such as the Chaosbound Shackles set, the Sweet Jaunt Parachute, the Skeletal Chevalier set, and the Chaosbound Shackles-MK47. These items are designed to immerse players in the Zombie Edge theme on the Erangel map. According to HT Tech’s report, to unlock the Skull Crate and access its new items, players need to make a UC purchase. Read on to discover more about this thrilling news.

Unlocking the Skull Crate

As avid gamers know, the Skull Crate is available in the “Crates” section of the Menu. To experience its offerings, select the “Skull Crate,” and the items will be displayed on the right side of your screen. Simply click “Open” to begin the adventure. The initial crate opening requires 48 UC, and subsequent openings will ask for 60 UC each. With 540 UC, you can unlock the premium crate ten times. Rest assured, we have gathered all the pertinent details about this news from reliable sources to provide you with an informative article. If we stumble upon any further information, you’ll be the first to know, so stay tuned for more updates.


BGMI’s 2.8 update, with the Zombie Edge theme and the Skull Crate, has taken the gaming world by storm. This update brings a Halloween-inspired experience to the battlefield, complete with spooky items and surprises. To get your hands on the Skull Crate and immerse yourself in the action, head to the “Crates” section in the Menu. Don’t miss out on the eerie rewards and thrilling adventures that await you in the latest BGMI update!


1. How do I obtain the Skull Crate in BGMI’s 2.8 update?

To get the Skull Crate, head to the “Crates” section in the Menu and select the “Skull Crate.” You can open it for 48 UC, with subsequent openings costing 60 UC each.

2. What Halloween-themed items can I find in the Skull Crate?

The Skull Crate contains a variety of Halloween-themed items, including the Chaosbound Shackles set, the Sweet Jaunt Parachute, the Skeletal Chevalier set, and the Chaosbound Shackles-MK47.

3. How can I access the Zombie Edge theme in BGMI’s 2.8 update?

To experience the Zombie Edge theme, unlock the Skull Crate and use the items it contains. This theme is available on the Erangel map.

4. Can I find more details about BGMI’s updates in the future?

Absolutely! We are committed to keeping you updated with the latest BGMI news. Stay tuned to this site for future updates.

5. Is the Skull Crate available for free in BGMI?

No, the Skull Crate requires UC, which is the in-game currency for BGMI, to unlock.

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