1Millionpuzzle Com Review Is 1millionpuzzle.com True?

by Glenn Maxwell

Would you like to collect $100K from America? U . s . States? Would you like to buy an online puzzle that provides everybody the opportunity to be considered a champion? Can you consider gifting a product for your buddies and family during 2012?

1millionpuzzle.com is really a site that sells puzzles which have a problem five from 10, and lets everybody be considered a champion and also to send e-cheques for that champion. Look at this article about 1millionpuzzle.com review 1millionpuzzle com Reviewto learn more.

Short description from 1millionpuzzle.com:

1millionpuzzle.com is really a distinctive online shop that enables U.S. residents the opportunity to earn money for solving puzzles. Anybody over 18 is permitted to buy the puzzle.

MSCHF is really a well-known street art collective that’s even the designers of luxurious art, fashion in addition to social reviews, founded 1millionpuzzle.com.

The characteristics on 1millionpuzzle.com:

Buy puzzles at: https://1millionpuzzle.com.

links to social networking:Links to social networking sites weren’t available on 1millionpuzzle.com.

Price of Puzzles $30.00.

Street Address: 1M Puzzle L.L.C., 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY-11222. It’s taken into account to ensure is 1millionpuzzle.com legit?

  • The Conditions and terms Conditions and terms are contained within the Rules section.
  • Overview of Customer Encounters and Blogs:1millionpuzzle.com doesn’t support reviews and blogs on its site.
  • online privacy policy This insurance policy wasn’t a duplicate, but is obtained from 100kpuzzle.shop.
  • Number: 1millionpuzzle.com didn’t provide the amount of the contact.
  • Store Locator:1millionpuzzle.com is just present on the web.
  • DeliveryThe timeline for thedelivery time-frame wasn’t provided.
  • Delivery:1millionpuzzle.com will ship the puzzles in one to three day.
  • tracking:No information was provided.
  • Refunds1millionpuzzle.com isn’t approving exchanges or returns of puzzles.

Returns Refunds can’t be processed.

Current email address: 1millionpuzzle com Review finds a e-mail as support@1millionpuzzle.com.

Modal of Payment:The payment methods aren’t offered. 1millionpuzzle.com accepts payments in USD.

Owner’s information:MSCHF group has 1millionpuzzle.com. The facts from the owner wasn’t disclosed.

Newsletters1millionpuzzle.com doesn’t offer the delivering of newsletters.

Advantages 1millionpuzzle.com:

Interface that’s easy and simple to navigate on 1millionpuzzle.com

You will find 551111 QR code puzzles to resolve, and each person has the capacity to collect a prize.

One champion wins the very first prize of $100,000. The following 10 winners each take 10K, the 100 winners get $1000, the next 1000 winners win $100, and also the final 550,000 win .25 cents.

Contradictions 1millionpuzzle.com

1millionpuzzle Com Review ofof the policies says 1millionpuzzle.com isn’t compensated (or) doesn’t assume the duty for puzzles lost,

Winners must submit an affidavit of the liability and eligibility no after 7 calendar days after finding the award (or) it’ll forfeit the winnings.

There aren’t any returns, exchanges (or) refunds, or refunds. Adopted by 1millionpuzzle.com.

Is 1millionpuzzle.com True?

  • 1millionpuzzle.com Produced second Feb 2021 07:34:52 PM.
  • 1millionpuzzle.com Expiry date:Small amount of time to reside because it expires on Feb 2, 2021 at 07:34.52 PM.
  • 1millionpuzzle.com Age the web site is that this website continues to be online for 10 several weeks. It’s 25 days older.
  • Trust Index: 1millionpuzzle.com will get a dreadful 33 percent trust score.
  • 1millionpuzzle overview of Alexa ranking:1millionpuzzle.com had scored 582,030 Alexa rank.
  • Origin from the site: 1millionpuzzle.com comes from Iceland.
  • Situation of Blacklisting1millionpuzzle.com isn’t presently blacklisted.
  • Internet sites with suspicious closeness:1millionpuzzle.com received a score of 36/100 like a suspicious score.
  • Scam Score 1millionpuzzle.com scored a minimal 29/100.
  • Risk Profile1millionpuzzle.com is rated like a star having a score of just 33 percent.
  • Junk e-mail Score 1millionpuzzle.com gets to be a low 33/100.
  • score for adware and spyware: 1millionpuzzle.com scored 11/100
  • Connection Security1millionpuzzle.com transmits and receives data via HTTPS protocol.
  • Hr Person:Specific hr person information wasn’t provided on 1millionpuzzle.com.
  • Social Relations: 1millionpuzzle.com isn’t visible on social networking.
  • Contact details from the owner:The contact details concerning the owner wasn’t provided on 1millionpuzzle.com.

Customer 1millionpuzzle.com Reviews :

You will find 625 reading user reviews on sites for shopping that provide 3.8/5 rating. There’s also mixed feedback from various review websites, YouTube, social networking and also the internet. This means the puzzle is straightforward to resolve, however the total amount you will can win is determined by your luck.

Most reviews highlight an average issue that certain bit of the puzzle is missing in the puzzle as well as the Q.R. code isn’t checking.

Finalization on 1millionpuzzle.com:

1millionpuzzle.com might be a legit site with a few solutions. is 1millionpuzzle.com legitas numerous clients have obtained gift of puzzles, come up with bits of puzzles, and also have scanned these to win prizes.

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