Top 10 reasons why you should be investing in Pre-Construction projects in Barrie

by Carter Toni

Barrie, a city of possibilities, is attracting people from around the globe due to the wonders it comprehends. A town close to nature, offering opportunities in business, education, and a friendly place for your family to live, is positioned along Kempenfelt Bay and Simcoe Lake. The future is Barrie, and there are ten reasons you should never doubt the decision to invest in the pre-construction projects the city is welcoming.

Connected to nature

One can not unbind the relation between Barrie and nature. It offers residents the luxury of immense forests, picturesquesnow, stunning lakes, and distressing beaches with majestic views. Many activities are introduced throughout the year to keep folks engaged with nature.The Barrie community authorities organize Hiking, snowboarding, surfing, fishing, and boating are a few outside activities that lead to good mental health. Jonson’s beach and Ardgh Bluffs are few of the must to places.  If you invest in the pre-construction project, you will not only invest in construction but in the freedom to enjoy nature as well.

A desirable place to live

Although Barrie is considered a commuting city, a lot has transformed over recent times. The city has observed the desire of outsiders to reside in the area; consequently opening doors to new possibilities of jobs and helping the city become one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. The desire to live close to nature welcomes people worldwide to invest in this city which holds potential.

Business opportunities

Barrie is home to rapid change, exciting activities happening under the ground, on the streets, and over the skyline. People acknowledge the change to fit in the current situation; the education system is helping students generate money in society by encouraging entrepreneurship. The government is creating room for business-minded people. As Barrie is a commuting city and a desirable place to live, choosing to invest in Barrie will bring you profit.

Basophilic structures

The developers in Barrie are dedicated and committed to their work. They are keenly waiting for you to invest in basophilic structures. It is a work of art that helps people connect to nature inside a building and supports the cognitive function and physical wellbeing of people residing in the house. People are looking at structures more differently for homes due to pandemics turning homes into schools, offices, and a place to live and entertain, and even vacation spots.


Barrie’s educational system is well structured, dynamic, and welcomes competitive students. It consists of a prestigious school intending to create a vigorous setting for early education, high school, secondary school, religious schools, and university students. These institutions are the cause of the holistic development of their graduates. Furthermore, if you want to settle in Barrie with your family and kids, you will get student centered intuitions which will shape the future of your kids.

Vibrant cultural essence

The city shows a tremendous amount of cultural diversity, as people of different ethnicities join the commune city. The changes are visible in restaurants, cuisines, schools, various gatherings, and festivals. Similarly, the city is rich in history and monuments, which are the center of visitors’ focus.


One of the most significant points to consider before investing in a pre-construction project is situated. Highway 400 solves half of your transportation problems. You will always have public transport as an option to get to your destination on time and take you around the city on weekends. 

Act now, no further delays

The city features single-family homes, townhomes, semi-detached homes, and detached homes. It is also getting the attention of big investors, which is the consequence of employment opportunities and population growth. The increase in demand for housing increases the rates each year, and you shall act now to get the desired property of your own choice at a lower price.


The 481

481 Yonge Street, Barrie, ON

Price Selling status Construction status
Starts from $400,000’s Registration Preconstruction

Rainwater at 339 Veterans

Location: 339 Veterans Drive, Barrie, ON 

Price Sales start Builder(s)
From the $300,000’s Winter/Spring 2022 Sean Homes

Elements Condominiums

Location: 723 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie, ON

Price Area Selling status
From the high $400,000’s 700 – 1300 SqFt Registration

Town houses

Hewitt’s Gate

Mapleview Drive East, Barrie, ON

Price Bed rooms Construction starts
From $485,900 to over $711,990 1-3 Date: Winter/Spring 2022

GO Towns

|Mapleview Drive East & Yonge Street, Barrie, ON

Price Selling type Builders
From $500,000 Registration DECO Homes


Essa Road & Ardagh Road, Barrie, ON

Prices Ceiling Ownership
From the high $600,000’s Ceilings: From 8’0″ to 9’0″ Fee simple

SOBA-South Barrie Towns

Patterson Road & Phillips Street, Barrie, ON

Price Ownership Marketing Company
From the mid $600,000’s Free hold McOuat Partnership

Single family houses

Hamption Heights

Price Builder(s)


From the high $900,000’s Stateview Homes Freehold

Midhurst Valley

Anne Street North & Carson Road, Springwater, ON

Price Builder(s)


Ceilings Sales Company:


from $789,900 to over $1,439,900 Sundance Homes From 8’0″ to 9’0″ International Home Marketing Group

Low crime rates

Barrie is an idle city to feel like home. The crimes rates are the lowest, and people are satisfied with not worrying about being robbed or abducted. The one reason behind low crime rates is the city is developing employment opportunities, which stops people from making wrong decisions. It is a friendly city for families, and especially for single women who travel places searching for work.

Beautiful parks

It is significant to enjoy public places. The city of Barrie offers its residents the opportunity to enjoy a few of the most beautiful parks with the best facilities. The gardens are eco-friendly, and children can spend quality time with their parents, get a chance to become a part of a community which believes in the better good of all.

High time

The wait is over. Don’t second doubt your decision; invest in a pre-construction project in Barrie; it is the place where you will enjoy the best moments of your life without overstretching your budget. Barrie holds all the wonders that you are looking for!

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