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by Glenn Maxwell

1Win App

1Win App

Bookmaker office 1win offers its users a wide line of bets on a variety of sports as well as a huge number of online casino games. Bookmaker offices will allow users to install special applications on their devices for more convenient use. 1Win app is available for the most popular mobile operating systems and for computers with the operating system Windows. Also, all new users can receive huge benefits by taking advantage of the bonus program. 

About 1Win

The bookmaker’s office allows its users to install the application for such operating systems as Android, iOS and Windows.

The interface of all applications is similar and will allow users to get all the features of the official website. In all the applications, users can access a huge number of modes. The modes themselves can be attributed either to casino paraphernalia or sports betting. The bookmaker also has a menu with different sections in the applications. Users can change the location of these sections using the edit menu button.

Upon entering any of the applications, the user will be welcomed by 5 main sections located at the bottom of the screen. These sections are:

  • Main;
  • Live;
  • Coupons;
  • Casino;
  • Live-games.

The main section contains absolutely all of the modes you can find at 1win. Sports betting and casino attributes will be displayed at the top of the screen and by clicking on the mode of interest you will be redirected to a section concentrating on a particular aspect.

The Live section will allow users to see all of the bookmaker’s sportsbook as well as all of the game events the games will take place in real-time.

Coupons will allow users to design their own bets. Users can use the 3 most famous types of bets to make bets. These bets are ordinary bets, multi bets and series bets. Ordinary bets are designed to bet on a single outcome and place a different amount of money on each of the outcomes. Multi bets allow users to select several outcomes from a variety of games. The odds will increase if more outcomes are selected, and the more outcomes the user selects, the higher the odds will be. Serial betting will allow users to select several matches and bet the same amount of money on them. To make a bet the user has to select matches, the chosen outcomes of the selected matches will be added to the section coupons and in this section, users can choose what type of betting they will use.

Casino and Live-games are filled with a variety of gaming innovations. The main difference is that the casino section will offer its users a choice of games without the participation of a live dealer. Both sections have their own sub-tabs based on a particular grouping of games. For a more detailed introduction to the casino attributes in the application 1win, we have described the casino component in the following section of the review.

Casino 1Win

The casino in 1win is presented as two main sections, namely the casino and live casino section.

The casino section has a huge number and variety of slots. The games in this section can be sorted by provider and category. Categories by which you can filter all the games very much. You can also search for games by name in a particular line. The number of slots on 1win is already over 10,000 and is growing every day.

Section live-games offers its users to play such game modes as:

  • Live dealer games;
  • Virtual sports;
  • Betgames;
  • TVBet;
  • Cases;
  • Games from 1win.

Live dealer games allow users to play a variety of gaming innovations in which the leader is a real person with whom users can communicate using chat, as well as users can communicate in this chat room with each other.

Virtual Sport is a mode where users can bet on matches designed by a special computer. After the expiration of time, the computer determines the winner of the constructed confrontation on the basis of all possible information.

Betgames offers users a large library consisting of a variety of games in which users can make bets, all games from this section are produced by the provider Betgames. A simple example of these games is craps where users can bet on dice numbers.

Users can play a variety of games TVBet format. This format will be filled with games in which the host will perform certain actions on the outcome of which it will be possible to make a bet. Games from this format as well as games from Betgames are produced by the same provider TVBet.

Section casino contains some roulette in which the user can win different prizes. These roulettes have a fixed cost and fixed value of the rewards that users can fall out of.

The last mode will consist of games exclusive to 1win. These games are produced by the bookmaker and there are 4 games available to the users from the bookmaker at the moment.

Just as you can get acquainted with the attributes betting 1win, more about which we will tell in the next section.

Betting With 1Win

All 1win users can make bets using the sections for live and line bets as well as the coupons section where you need to confirm your bet.

Under the betting section, users can select the gaming disciplines and tournaments to be displayed. Also, users can see the results of previous matches and statistics. Matches are divided into sports disciplines and cybersports match. Cybersports matches can be sorted by discipline and tournament. Matches on cybersports taking place in live mode have attached broadcasts as well as odds. Bets on the matches of cyber disciplines occur as well as bets on regular sports.

You can explore all the aspects you are interested in by downloading a mobile app. We will tell you more about the mobile app below.

1Win Mobile Applications

This bookmaker office does not currently have a mobile application, but has three versions of the website which you can add for quick access to your home screen:

  • For Windows;
  • for iOS;
  • For Android.

The easiest to install is the version for Windows. To install it on your device, you just need to click on the window with the logo of your operating system and confirm the installation. Within seconds, the version will be installed on your computer.

To install the version on iOS and Android, the instructions are slightly different because the mobile version and the version of the official website for computers are different. Users of the PC version of the site can enable the mobile version by clicking on the smartphone icon in the upper left corner. For mobile devices, the links with instructions for installation are at the bottom of the screen.

For mobile devices with the iOS operating system you must:

  • Go to 1win official website;
  • Press the share button;
  • Press the home button.

You can also select the names for the mobile version in the menu that will open. For devices with the Android operating system is necessary:

  • Go to the official website 1win;
  • Click on the three dots icon;
  • Select add to the home screen.

Now you’re all set and you can use 1win on any of your devices, for more fun, you can take advantage of the 1win bonuses which will be described in the next section of the review.

1win Bonuses

To have even more fun, users can take advantage of bonuses which will allow them to get extra benefits when using 1win. Among the bonuses, you can find bonus types such as:

  • First Deposit Bonus;
  • Casino cashback;
  • Express betting bonuses;
  • Tournaments;
  • Bonuses for certain providers.

It is immediately worth noting the first deposit bonus allows users to receive a reward of 500% of the deposit amount on the first deposit. 

Bookmaker holds poker tournaments, and entry to such tournaments is free with certain rules.  Also, the bookmaker has its own loyalty program. Thanks to this program, users will receive bonus points for each bet and game at the casino. These points received from the loyalty program can be exchanged for real money.

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