3 Features That Drive Up Mobile App Development Costs!

by Glenn Maxwell

Mobile application development could be costly, particularly if you are searching for any bespoke solution. What features increase costs probably the most? In the end, you would like an application that’s packed with the proper tools that users will require, but simultaneously, you shouldn’t break your budget. That’s the reason you should recognize featuring would be the most costly to build up to be able to budget accordingly.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore three features that have a tendency to increase mobile application development costs. We’ll offer top tips regarding how to keep these costs lower. Let’s get began!

1) Advanced Graphics and Animations

Probably the most costly features to build up is advanced graphics and animations. It is because they might require considerable time and energy to produce, and they may also be rather resource-intensive. If you would like your application to possess clever graphics and animations, then you will probably pay a greater cost tag for development.

It is possible to keep these costs lower, however. One is by using simplified graphics and animations, which could still look polished without having to be as resource-intensive. These guys to delegate the introduction of advanced graphics and animations to some specialist firm, which can nonetheless be costly but will probably be worth it if you would like the perfect results.

2) Gps navigation Integration

Gps navigation integration is yet another pricey feature to build up. It is because it takes use of detailed mapping data and special software that may handle location tracking. If you would like your application so that you can track users’ location instantly, then you will probably pay a greater cost tag for development.

To be able to reduce the price of adding Gps navigation features, you can look at utilizing a third-party provider for mapping data and placement tracking. This is often less expensive than developing these functions in-house, also it can also help you save time and effort.

3) Complex Functionality

The ultimate feature that has a tendency to increase development costs is complex functionality. Including features for example internet banking, secure login, as well as in-application purchases. These functions require considerable time and energy to build up correctly, and they may be nearly impossible to find right. Consequently, they frequently finish up costing more to produce than simpler features.

If you would like your application to possess complex functionality, then you will have to be ready to pay a greater cost tag for development. It is possible to keep these costs lower, however. The first is to delegate the introduction of complex functionality to some specialist firm, and the other choice is to interrupt complex features lower into smaller sized, more manageable parts, that make them simpler and fewer costly to build up.


Features are very important to the prosperity of any mobile application. Although not all features are produced equal when it comes to cost. You have to especially evaluate your application to find out if these 3 features are essential, and if they’re not essential for the application, then you might want to reconsider including them to keep development costs lower.

Zara Raza may be the Mind of promoting at Sunvera Software. She’s written several blogs on technology, software, marketing, education, business, and much more.

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