4 Lessons Companies Have Learned About Layoffs That Happened During The Pandemic

by Carter Toni

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global workplace on an unprecedented scale. Multiple businesses have suffered financially because of the government’s stringent quarantine protocols and mandatory business restrictions. Eventually, all these precautions led to business shutdowns and employee layoffs. 


Despite the efforts of most businesses to stay afloat and keep their employees, it seems difficult to do so. Having to lay off and fire employees is a daunting task and an unpleasant experience for business managers.


In an attempt to retain a positive business reputation and avoid the repercussion of employee termination, businesses have incorporated outplacement services as part of their employee benefit.  

Investing In Outplacement Services Reduces Layoff Related Stress 

Outplacement services are an astute intervention for employees that are about to be laid off. It allows employers to provide generous assistance to outgoing employees as they transition to other potential employment opportunities. 


Whether an employee on the layoff list received the news ahead of time or not, these events are a shock to the individual psyche. Offering assistance to workers to be laid off can reduce anxiety related to eventual job loss. Services such as personalized training, career assessments, interview training, and resume reviews can help bolster employee confidence and morale. This is also a plus for businesses since retained employees are confident that they will be offered the same compensation when the time comes.  

Outplacement Services Is A Matter Of Ethical Consideration 

Struggling businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in mandatory shutdowns and employee layoffs. Despite that fact, some companies still try to remain afloat and keep most of their employee by creating duty scheduling schemes. However, not all businesses have that privilege. For some, employee layoffs are their solution to remaining operational. 


Businesses incorporating outplacement services is not only humane but also ethical. Laid-off employees are vulnerable to multiple stresses. The burden of having to lose a source of livelihood is a stressful life event. And what better way to show humanity is through helping the laid-off employee find their next job opportunity. 

Building Company Reputation Seems Impossible Amid A Layoff 

Companies adopting outplacement services to their employees, especially long-standing ones, not only helps them find new job opportunities and update them on the latest job trends. Laid-off employees feel empowered thru outplacement services. They develop the necessary skills needed to apply for their next job opportunity. The business also benefits from this approach since it creates a positive business/ employee reputation. It shows that they care for all their employees regardless of job status. 

Outplacement Services Are Free For Outgoing Employees 

The thought of having to lose a job is difficult for most employees. The financial uncertainty creates results in anxiety build-up on the part of employees. However, this can be managed through outplacement services. Employers freely give it to their employees as part of their employee compensation.  


Maintaining a positive employer brand reputation is essential in retaining and attracting the best talent. The fact that exiting employees are given all the necessary assistance to transition to their next potential job opportunity earns positive employee feedback. Not only does it eliminate the likelihood of disgruntled employees. It also maintains established workplace culture and prevents company character assassination that comes from laid-off employees.

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