4 Methods to Unplug Your Radio Control Car Tires

by Carter Toni

Tires are an integral part of any toy that is considered a radio-controlled vehicle and if it is not working as a pair, then it has to be unplugged for which we bring you 4 known tips to do it and get a better response helpful for vehicles.

In the case of Radio Control Cars, you have to be careful, whether using a toothpick or a heat gun. It is better if you first check the level of the toy and then decide to implement a step-by-step process to run and can give you perfect cover.

Baking Process

The first way is known to people as the baking process where you can put such tires in front of a heating span to light them and unplug them so they won’t get damaged and can be easily removed from the vehicle.

This way it is easy to bake them up, to let their surface boil and come up without much toughness so they remain settled and give a perfect touch to get the simplest attachment in the future.

Heat Gun Method

The other way you can unplug such tires is through using a heat gun which is specially designed for such a process to unplug and remove tires of a vehicle without a much tougher challenge of course.

Through this technique, you can apply a heat gun to target the unplug process, let its heat press on such tires without damaging them, and easily step on the toolkit to arrange for smart calls that will fix their removal in a better way.

Screw Them Away

The other process is to use a heated screw, a technique by which you can let them be away, can unplug such tires from a vehicle without much pressure and unplug them with no challenge and it is a more simple process to tip such screws and let things remove up.

It gives more comfort to soothe, a lesser pressure mechanism by which a tool is easily able to adapt unplugged tires and give you a better feel as it concerns lesser effect or damage while fixing things perfectly.

Removing By Technical Aid

Lastly, there are multiple aids available by which the unplug process can be done when it comes to such toys and unplug their tires so they can be set at a better pace, tires can be readjusted and your kid gets the best feel.

This way by having a removal process through a toolkit that prefers instant removal, the separation or stick map technique which allows you to pick the right wheel or tires and unplug it through a simple nut rear technique can be applied that fix it perfectly.


Unplug any tires can depend on the quality of the vehicle, on basis of level or standard of toy and you have to be careful that it doesn’t face any challenge or damage in the process so tires can be protected, stay safe and help you be attached in the later stage when it seems right adjustment needs to be done about such toys.

The fact that stand on with concerns to radio controlled car is the way it can stand on, trends by which it can be worth and the techniques by which its tires can be unplugged which is tricky but may result in a long term process, so you better be ready for its influences later and take the smart step to fix right term make it do unplug.

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