5 Promotional Products That Can Boost Your Sales

by Carter Toni

There’s no denying the fact that digital marketing has become more important than traditional marketing over the years. However, one promotional strategy that has not lost its importance over the years is the use of promotional products for your business.

The good thing about promotional products is that they allow you to create a bond with your target audience. Instead of pushing your new products to people, the subtle approach of helping them and introducing them to your business works so well.

Are you thinking about using promotional products for your business and want to know which ones you should choose? Keep reading this article to find out about the five most-loved promotional products.

1. Custom T-shirts

So many people wear promotional custom t-shirts on a daily basis. The reason why custom t-shirts are one of the most powerful promotional products is that an average person keeps a t-shirt for over 14 months.

This durable performance of a custom t-shirt shows how your business can benefit from it. Another good thing about custom t-shirts is that you can print them without making a dent in your pocket. However, if you want to get promotional custom t-shirts at a discount, companies like Brandability can help you in this regard. Make sure you pick the company that has an elaborate experience of producing promotional products in the past.

2. USBs

You’d be surprised to know that many people prefer using a USB at this age. A common misconception is that only those people who can’t use cloud storage rely on USBs. However, physical storage devices like USBs are super famous even in this age.

Choosing custom-branded USBs as a promotional item is a great option if your target audience consists of tech nerds. Giving away free USBs to prospects will show how much you understand their needs and want to help them make better choices.

3. Office products

If most of your prospects work in offices and have to get important work done on a daily basis, the only promotional products you should rely on are office products. No office worker will want to show up to their office wearing a promotional product.

However, if you give them something they can use in their office on a daily basis, you will have the chance of staying in their good books. Things like custom notepads, ball pens, custom calendars, etc., are easy to get printed and don’t cost a ton of money either.

4. Promotional drinkware

Everyone has a bottle of water nowadays to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you want to grow your brand that cares about the environmental cause and wants to help people make the right decisions, then you can also start your promotional strategy with custom drinkware.

The good thing about custom drinkware is that people will be using the items on a daily basis. Insulated tumblers, water bottles, and insulated mugs are used regularly. If most of your prospects live in a cold area, then instead of water bottles, you should go for insulated mugs.

5. Tote bags

People need to keep their valuables organized regardless of where they live. One of the products you can give to your target audience to help them keep their products together is giving them custom tote bags.

The good thing about tote bags is that they are easy to carry. People can use tote bags regardless of what daily routine they have. You will not have to allocate a ton of money on the production of tote bags, as custom tote bags can be easily printed and promoted to your target audience.

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