5 Reasons Why Outsourcing IT Support Makes Sense for SMBs

by Carter Toni

Information technology, which most people know as IT, is a very significant aspect of most businesses’ operations. As technology becomes more entwined with the way that we conduct business and work, it makes sense that businesses should be investing in their IT, and their IT support.

Unfortunately, for some businesses, particularly those in the small- to medium-sized range, staying on top of their IT and providing sufficient support can account for a considerable chunk of their budget. They may feel like they are at risk of falling behind the competition, because they are unable to afford the latest technologies and solutions to benefit their organisation. Fortunately, more and more businesses are realising that outsourcing their IT support can solve a lot of their problems.

How does Outsourced IT Support Work?

Outsourced IT can be both cost-effective and time saving. The way it works is that a business appoints a professional IT company to managed their infrastructure, and the IT company assumes full responsibility for the maintenance and support of the customer’s IT.One such example of an outsourced IT support company is TechQuarters, who provide IT support services in London to a diverse range of SMB customers. Outsourcing IT support is a common practice for small- to medium-sized businesses; however, you will also find that larger businesses opt to outsource responsibility for their IT as well.

The responsibilities of the IT support provider can vary, but it could involve any combination of the following:Helpdesk support, callout support, network and infrastructure monitoring, service reports, new technology advice, training, and even project services.

So, what are the benefits of outsourced IT support for SMBs?

More Expertise

It should come as a surprise to nobody that IT support providers are full of qualified, training IT professionals. An IT partner must invest the appropriate time and money in ensuring that their staff have as much expertise and knowledge as possible, because that translates to a better service that can be delivered to the customer. When you outsource your IT support to a provider, you are investing your money, and so you need to be getting a strong return on that investment.

Anyone wanting to outsource their IT should be looking for an IT support provider with many years of experience in the field of IT; one that has low staff turnover, because that indicates that the people that work there are skilled, work well with customers, and have years of experience.

Cost Efficiency

Small- to medium-sized businesses often spend as much as 30% of their budget on IT services – this is a pretty sizeable chunk; and that is because most people think that you have to hire your own internal IT professionals – however, going that route can result in you spending several times more money on getting a fraction of the expertise you get with an IT support provider.

When you think about it, IT support providers have done most of the hard work; they have invested their budget in training their staff, they pay all of their salaries, holiday and sick pay, and deal with all the HR; they have a budget for all hardware and software related costs. The managed IT support London-based provider, TechQuarters. offers is set at a fixed monthly fee. This means that, not only are customers tapping into a wealth of expertise and resources for a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department, but they are also getting it for a consistent price that they can account for in their long-term budgets.

Cutting Edge Security

One of the constant challenges that businesses face nowadays is that of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, there is no stopping point when it comes to building your IT security – every year cyberattacks become more frequent and more sophisticated, so businesses need to constantly assess and re-asses their security measures. This is one of the main reasons why many businesses choose to partner with IT support providers. As was discussed in the previous point, IT support providers generally have much better resources and experience, which is very important when it comes to devising a cybersecurity strategy.

Compete with bigger companies

When smaller businesses partner with IT support providers, they tend to get better and more advanced solutions implemented in their company – this can help them operate more efficiently and productively. What is more, as has been discussed, IT support providers are much more cost effective that in-house IT support departments. This combination of better business productivity, and lower overheads can enable smaller businesses to compete with other, larger companies in their sector.

Business Continuity Options

There is an unfortunately tendency for smaller and medium-sized businesses to believe that they are less likely to fall victim to the kinds of disaster scenarios that are commonly reported in the news. Catastrophic infrastructure failures, and data loss, can happen as a result of anything from bad weather, to man-made incidents like fires or robbery. It is a gamble for businesses to assume they won’t ever be a victim of these kinds of incidents, but at the same time, it can be complicated and costly to setup the appropriate measures.

Business continuity is the practice of setting up measures to restore a business’ data and technology to a state where they can return to work. This encompasses services like Backups, and Disaster Recovery. For an SMB, the easiest way to get access to these types of solutions is to partner with an outsourced IT support provider.

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