5 Things You Need to Know About Planning an RV Trip

by Carter Toni

Each day, 45,000 commercial flights take to the skies, carrying hoards of travelers to their destinations. That means six million people are submitting to the whims of airlines, arriving and departing on someone else’s schedule.

If you’re sick of assigned seats and removing your shoes on command, it may be time to change how you travel.

When you take an RV trip, you control your own schedule. You’re free to leave when you like, stop where you want, and linger in some of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Do you know how to plan a road trip that won’t disappoint?

We’ve created this guide to planning the best RV trips, whether you’re an adventurous solo traveler or arranging a family holiday. Read on to learn our top five tips for ensuring your RV adventure is a success from beginning to end.

1. Make Reservations

Freedom may be the top reason to plan an RV trip, but you shouldn’t have reservations about making reservations. Summer is peak travel season, and RV sites book up quickly. Your leisurely journey can become stressful if you’re ready to stop for the night and find you have nowhere to go.

This is especially true if you intend to visit National Parks, where RV spots are extremely limited. We advise extending your search to include the surrounding area.

Plan a rough travel route, then search for RV parks online. You can often book your sites on the internet, too. This is helpful for travelers who tend to follow their whims—a few ‘set in stone’ stops can ensure you move forward, even if natural beauty is calling out to you!

2. You Need More Time Than You Think

Digital navigation tools like Google Maps make planning routes a snap but aren’t always accurate in an RV. Cars are faster moving and have an easier time navigating rough terrain. You also need to stop for gas a lot more often in an RV, and all those gas runs add time to your journey.

With that in mind, it’s likely to take longer to get from point A to point B than you expect. Rather than rushing and ruining the holiday ambiance, build extra time into your itinerary. It will keep you calm, cool, and collected, no matter what you encounter on the road.

3. How Big Is Your RV?

Whether you’re buying or renting your RV, you will want to have a lot of information about it on hand. You will come across low-clearance areas, tight spots, and unique challenges you’ve never faced in a car. Knowing your exact dimensions (length, height, and width) can save you a headache when it’s time to back into that narrow spot or drive below a suspiciously low overpass.

An easy solution is to keep all the information on a sticky note on your dashboard. This will help you make split-second decisions about whether to navigate down that restricted road.

There are plenty of RV travel apps that can help you avoid stressful situations to begin with, including trucking map apps. You can enter the dimensions of your RV, and the app will generate a friendly and safe route for your rig.

4. Pack Your Groceries

Before you set off, look up a few recipes you can prepare in your RV. Not every rig has the same appliances on board. You might wish to supplement your trip by bringing along an electric kettle or double boiler.

When you pack, ensure you stop by the supermarket for cooking staples. Keep the basics on hand, such as oil, spices, and shelf-stable snacks. You can supplement with fresh produce as you travel—we love stopping at local farmer’s markets on our trips!

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll need more snacks than you think. Interactive snacktime (in which you make your own snacks) is often an excellent way to fill some downtime on the road. Cooking simple campfire recipes is a great way to occupy your evenings once you’ve made camp.

Cooking for yourself is an easy way to save money on the road.

5. Plan Entertainment

Road trips aren’t always the most efficient way to travel, but most RV aficionados insist that’s part of their charm! With that in mind, you will want to bring along extra entertainment, especially if you’re on a family trip with children. Driving can only keep one person busy at a time!

Furthermore, bad weather can rapidly ruin your most anticipated outdoor plans. You’ll want to have backup plans in your back pocket so the fun doesn’t have to stop on rainy summer days.

You might consider packing:

  • Your favorite board games
  • Video games
  • Musical instruments like a guitar
  • Tablets (with games that don’t need wifi)
  • Audiobooks
  • Portable DVD player and movies

On lovely days, not every stop needs to be a major landmark. Look up great playgrounds where kids can release steam during long driving periods.

Plan the Best RV Trip of Your Life

Once you’ve taken your first RV trip, you won’t want to go back to other, more rigid travel methods. If you follow the tips in our holiday guide when planning your road trip, you’re sure to have an incredible journey!

What else do you need to know to take the world by storm? The blog is full of advice for adventurous types like you! Browse our other articles for more tips that will ensure you never stop learning at home—or on the road!

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