There is no need to check statistics to know that any country has an alarming number of burglaries every year. You don’t want to come home from a beautiful holiday only to find out that your home has been broken in to. There are a lot of ways in which you can protect and secure your home nowadays. Even if you are leaving your home for a few hours, it is crucial to check if your home has been properly locked and secure. Here are some ways in which you can make your home a less attractive target for burglars to break in to. 

Get Friendly With Your Neighbors

Most often, keeping in touch with your neighbours will give you the added advantage of having someone being watchful and alert when you are not home. Burglars tend to scan a neighbourhood before they commit a crime and usually having a watchful neighbor when you are not around makes it less likely for robbers to do what they intend to. A quick call to the police by a neighbor will divert criminals instantly.

Own A Dog

While getting a dog is a big responsibility, they are a very efficient and effective deterrent of burglars. A simple loud bark is all it takes for burglars to keep out. Also, it would be helpful to have signages with “Beware of dog” to keep them away as well. These will always make a potential thief think twice before entering your home.

Secure Your Windows And Doors

It goes without saying that it is important to make sure that all windows and doors are locked firmly. It helps to install outdoor shutters on all your windows to make sure that they cannot be easily targeted as a way of entry. The more obstacles a burglar finds, the more you deter them from your home. Make sure that you don’t keep your home keys on the porch or anywhere that a burglar may find. There is nothing worse than letting a criminal easily access the keys of your home. 

Be Careful Having Workers In Your Home

Home improvement or plumbing workers who come in to your home for your work usually have easy access to the inside of your home. This makes it easy for them to pass crucial information on to criminals. Be sure to check with the employer or contractors on their background and ensure that they have passed the necessary background checks. 

Make Valuable Items Hard To Access

Time is of the essence for criminals and they want to get in and out of homes as quickly as they can. So if you make it difficult for them to access valuables, it is likely that even if they enter your home, they won’t be able to take very valuable items. Some options are to invest in a safe that bolts to the floor or a wall. Rent out safety deposit boxes in banks to secure extra valuable items. You can also stash jewelry and valuables in places where thieves are less likely to look.