7 Ways to Get Relief from Body Pain Faster!

by Glenn Maxwell

Body pain can be so bothersome. It does not let you concentrate on your work and can make you feel irritated. This hampers a lot with your mind and mental state. You start becoming cranky, and you’re in that vicious cycle. It plays with your mind and your quality of work. When you have a relaxed body, you have a relaxed mind, and you have much more energy you can devote to your surroundings and your work. You do not need to spend any amount of your energy trying to ignore that physical pain. So, you have much more creativity in you which automatically gets reflected in your work.

Every once in a while, you might face body aches, and there are numerous reasons, and nobody likes going through them. So, here are a few tips you can try to get relief faster.


There is no shame in taking medicines for body pain. No one expects you to be brave and bold and bear all the pain on your own as if you’re saving the world by doing that. So take some medicine and try to rest. You should have a pain killer and all your essential medicines at your home or workplace or even in your bag if you are traveling. Panadol is an excellent option if you are out to buy a painkiller.

Hot bath

The heat helps you with pain. It helps relax your muscles soothing your pain. So, if you can have heat compressions, it is good. However, nothing works wonders like a good hot bath. You can also add some salts to your bath. They will help you with your body pains. This is one of the fastest ways to relieve your muscles of the pain. So, take a good time in that hot water and let it make its magic happen while you’re under it.


One of the most common factors for which you might have frequent muscle pain is dehydration. It is very tricky to understand if your pain stems from dehydration or something else. So, look for hints if you have dehydration or not. Drink lots of water. However, at the moment, try having water with minerals and vitamins added to them like ORS. It will help you bounce back quickly.

Hot and Cold compression

If you’re having too much pain, one of the primary ways to help your muscles is by giving hot and cold compressions. You can have a bucket of ice-cold water and one with hot water. You can try dipping your sore muscle in both the buckets alternatively. This helps you relieve your pain quickly. This is mainly effective for joint pains and injuries.

Massage with mustard oil

Mustard oil has properties in it that help with pain and inflammation. It has a kind of desensitizes certain areas helping with the pain. So, you can take some mustard oil and heat it a little. Be careful not to overheat it. Now, apply it to your body and massage gently all over. Keep it for about 10 minutes and take a hot shower after. This will help you relieve most of your pain and help you get that immediate relaxation.

Do stretches

Get your body working. You do not need long, excruciating workouts to keep your body moving. Simple stretches will do. Your body will feel better when you stretch your muscles and joints. Just mind that your body is moving and the fluids are circulating inside you. Stretching your body will help move the fluids.


Try having turmeric in some way. It has excellent properties for body pains and inflammations. It helps you in myriad other ways. You can look up ways to have it, like mixing it with milk or tea. It is an excellent remedy if you can have it.

You can also apply it to the area where it is paining by making a paste of it in hot water.

If none of the above-mentioned tips work or if the pain is severe, then consult a doctor or a chiropractor in Naples FL. It might stem from something undiagnosed that we do not know. Having a professional opinion is best and relieving.

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