In today’s article, we discuss the way to identify and find the source to get the backlinks by using the combination of keyword tool. The top method to quickly find the authority sites of the high domain is to check the history of the linking page we will discuss in this topic.

In this article, we are telling you how to create and explore the competitor list of backlinks you can utilise to target their activities. In this way, you easily find the identified competitors such as Ninjaseo that are currently ranked at the top of the search. If you use the analysis of those competitors, you may also increase your page’s domain authority.

A way to find the backlinks

In this section, you learnt about the process in the simple and easy steps from which you can easily find the backlinks.

  1. Navigate the link explorer

Under unfamiliar conditions, Link explorer is known as the world-class backlink checker used to research the profile of the link to any site on the internet. It will represent the quality of the inbound links with the help of the page authority, domain authority and the spam score.

  1. Enter the URL of the competitor

It is suggested to open your competitor’s site on the browser window and then copy their URL. It will reduce the possibility of mistakes and spelling errors while typing the domain name.

  1. Navigate to the tab ” Inbound links.”

The tabs of the inbound links will show all the pages linked to the competitor’s website. If you want to identify the scores of the link equity, then you have to set some parameters such as link type, link status, etc. It will help you to show the external backlinks that offer you the link equity of the other page.

  1. Export the data of the backlink in the form of .csv

Many of the link explorer reports will permit you to convert the backlinks data in the form of .csv. You have to save the results in this form and then repeat them for the other competitors.

  1. Complete .csv results from competitors

Once you export the backlinks data from the 5-10 companies,  then you have to compile .csv into the spreadsheet.

  1. Sort all backlinks

The scale 1-100 of the page authority was developed so that it estimates the page ability according to the rank of the search results, as it depends on the understanding of the important ranking factors.

  1. Final review of the linking sites

Now you have access to the long list of sites for the keyword tools for targeting from Ninjaseo. It is suggested to use the outreach strategy here.


In this article, you will get information on the way or the simple process that helps you to find the backlinks for your domain authority. If you want to find a high-quality backlink checker, then you must read every point properly to gain complete information.

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