A Comprehensive Guide to Building Garden Decking!

by Glenn Maxwell

With summer literally just a proverbial stone’s throw away, now is the time to start turning your attention, time, and focus to your garden and backyard space.

One of the most multi-beneficial elements you could possibly think about introducing into your outdoor space is that of a beautiful decking installation, and here, for your information as well as reading pleasure, is a comprehensive guide to doing just that.

1.    Go Steady with the Size

One of, if not the primary considerations when it comes to planning your decking is how large a space you intend for it to cover.

Essentially, the size of your decking depends almost entirely on the planned function of the decking. For example, if you intend on hosting many an outdoor garden party throughout the summer and beyond, then your decking should be of an ample size. Conversely, if you want it to simply be a private space for you and your partner, then start small with a smaller area; you can then consider expanding the space at a later date if you need to.

2.    Important Considerations

Before you choose the shape and size of your decking area, and indeed the materials that it will be made from, there are a number of important things to consider, such as:

  • How much privacy will you be afforded?
  • Is the ground beneath suitably dry and dense?
  • Is there a slope on the ground, or is the ground fairly level?
  • What will the view be like from the decking area?
  • Are there any existing features you will have to work around, such as posts and trees?

Finally, remember that the most essential thing to keep at the forefront of your mind during the construction of your decking is that you must leave suitable expansion gaps between the decking boards. This will allow for rainwater to sufficiently drain away, as well as the natural contraction and expansion of the wood itself.

3.    Railings Are a Fabulous Addition

Instead of having a plain decking area that has no structure, the best way to set apart this particular area from other corners of the garden is to include metal railing around part, or indeed all, of the perimeter.

Prestigious and experienced railing installers will be able to not only customize the railing to suit your particular decking base but can also marry the overall aesthetic effect to the rest of the backyard.

4.    Laying the Decking Itself

As long as you have planned the layout of your decking meticulously and have prepared the ground sufficiently, then the laying of the actual decking boards themselves is relatively simple.

  1. Enlist the help of a second person, as sometimes the decking boards can be awkward and heavy
  2. Always ensure you invest in structural treated timber and have the right types of screws that work best with the types of decking boards
  3. Saw using the ninety-degree marker on your set square or saw, and always sand the end to avoid splintering
  4. Lay your first decking board farthest away from you and, remembering the expansion gaps, lay each board towards you until complete.

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