A Short Guide for Septic Tank Maintenance

by Carter Toni

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology estimates that 300K-500K households in the UK have some form of a small point source or septic tank. Typically, a home will have a septic tank if it’s not within practical distance of a main sewer line. Naturally, having septic tanks requires a lot more thought when it comes to household waste. We’ve put together this short guide to help you prevent any unnecessary sewage from overflowing into your property or causing damage.

Leak Inspection

Unless you want to be greeted with the horrendous stench of household waste whenever you go outside, it’s important to regularly check there are no leaks. The best way to do this is to observe the ground around the septic tank – you’re looking for areas of dense grass or soggy ground. One of the best times to check for any leaks is during septic tank empty time – your providers will likely note any leaks as part of the service.

Regular Pumping

One of the most essential maintenance tasks is septic tank emptying, which will need to occur at least every 2-5 years. The frequency of the Septic Tank Emptying will depend on the size of your tank, how many people live in your home, and what kinds of waste are being stored inside. For example, having a garbage disposal will simply add more solids into the tank, which will increase how often sewage collection takes place.

If you were wondering about the cost of septic tank emptying, you’re looking at around £200-£600. As mentioned before, the septic tank emptying cost will largely depend on what size tank you have and the location of your home.

Monitor Household Waste and Water Use

An easy way to take care of your septic tank is to closely monitor what type of waste your household puts down the drain and how much. In some cases, the septic tank can over overfill with water waste. Therefore, you should take efforts to make sure any roof water runs away from the leach field. To do this, you can install a water butt, which will attach to your gutter and collect any water. To repurpose this water, you can use it to water your flowerbeds.

Maintain and Section off Leach Field

Some septic tanks will have a leach field installed, which is a network of perforated pipes, and it’s a vital part of the system that has to be looked after. To start with, you need to clearly section the area off, as a person can walk over it comfortably, but it won’t hold the weight of a car. If you have any bushes, trees, or shrubs close to the area, you’ll have to remove these to avoid any root-related damage.

The majority of tasks involved with septic tank maintenance involve common sense and careful waste management. When it comes to expense, you’ll only need to factor in the septic tank emptying cost uk, which only has to be paid every 2-5 years or so.

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