Academic writing difficulties students face and their solutions

by Carter Toni

Academic writing is one of the essential components of the students’ academic careers and alsothe most bothering task to them. Students are more interested in completing their group projects and performing extra curriculum activities than writing their academic essays, assignments, and other coursework that involve written discourse because it requires more hard work and focus.

This post will explore why academic writing is such a difficult task for students and what potential solutions can help them in this regard.

What Difficulties Students Face in Academic Writing

Almost all the students, no matter to which educational level they belong, share the same academic writing concerns. Some of the most common academic writing difficulties are as stated below.

– Lack of Knowledge

Sometimes, due to the lack of proper guidelines and sometimes due to the lack of interest in the subject, students do not have enough knowledge to work on their academic writing tasks. Insufficient knowledge doesn’t let them generate new, original, and unique ideas relate to the assigned topics that add to their difficulties and they remain confused about what and how to do in their academic essays and assignments.

– Weak Writing Skills

Many students possess weak writing skills. They don’t know how to structure and format their essays correctly. Further, they don’t have good grammar and punctuation and have weak vocabulary due to which repetition is frequently observed in their academic writing. Moreover, many students don’t know how to write a good introduction and conclusion in academic essays due to which they lose their grades in marked assignments.

– Time management Issues

Time management is also one of the big problems that add to the students’ academic writing difficulties(bestassignmentwriter, 2019). They are assigned a bulk of academic tasks at a time which they have to submit within short deadlines. Moreover, in the UK, students are frequently assigned critical and research-based essays at the university level which they have to complete along with all the other academic tasks including class presentations and weekly quizzes.

Wise students know how to work smartly so they prefer to take help from an online essay writing service UK based to overcome their burden at an early stage. But those who keep overthinking and stressing over their assignments become the victims of their destructive thoughts that lead them to academic procrastination and add to their time management issues.

– Insufficient Research Material

Non-availability of the research material is also one of the most common difficulties students face while doing academic writing. It doesn’t mean that there is no data available on the internet related to their assignment or essay topics but their lack of research skills doesn’t let them find the relevant, suitable, and accurate data to add to their academic writing tasks. The good news is that they can use Studocu – a website created especially for students looking for detailed notes, assignments, summaries, and books. Moreover, this platform supports all courses and universities.

– Weak Argumentation

Many students also lack argumentative skills due to which academic writing seems difficult to them. Arguments can build or break the overall impression of your write-ups. Weak arguments can ruin the whole effort students put into their academic writing projects. So, it’s another difficulty that adds to the students’ academic writing stress and gets them to panic.

– Plagiarism

Many students, to cover the word count in academic writing, use the existing content without crediting the actual author. Whereas, most of the students are not aware of plagiarism. They don’t check their assignments for plagiarism since they don’t copy others’ work, the unintentional plagiarism causesthem to lose their grades. In both cases, plagiarism is unethical (Agrawal, 2020) and considered to be one of the major academic writing problems.

How Students Can Resolve These Academic Writing Problems?

You are not in the world of fantasy where a magical wand can resolve your academic writing worries. You and only you are the ones who can help yourself. Check the following smart solutions to come out of your academic writing difficulties.

· Work According to a Schedule

First of all, you need to plan your work properly, make a schedule and work accordingly to avoid time management issues and efficiently complete all your academic writing tasks. You should avoid procrastination if you want to submit your assignments and essays on time. Also, you should outline your academic writing work so that you can proceed with it in an organized manner.

· Sharing Concerns with the Teachers

You should share your academic writing concerns with your teachers and professors because they can give you the best advice to resolve your problems. Teachers always remain available to listen to their students’ concerns and help them out in the best way possible.

· Excessive Reading

When you read excessively you came across different types of texts having different writing styles, vocabulary, structure, and format. It improves your writing skills and helps you in your academic writing. Also, coursebook reading enhances your knowledge and wisdom ultimately making academic writing easier for you.

· Use of Technology

You are surrounded by technological innovations. Whether you want to know how to research for your academic writing projects or how to build strong arguments, you can learn it through YouTube videos. Google Scholar is one of the best research sources and using the PEEL method is the best way to present the arguments clearly and concisely. YouTube can guide you in detail about all these things.

Further, if you think that your grammar is weak, you may use editing and proofreading apps to come up with a flawless piece of academic writing. Think wisely and use smart options to reduce your academic writing worries.

· Hire Professionals for your Assistance

If you have several essays and assignments pending and you are stressed due to your weak academic writing skills, you may ask professionals to write my essay for me UK based to save your grades and meet the deadlines.Don’t hesitate to take online assistance but also keep trying to improve your academic writing skills.


In the modern era, students all over the world struggle so hard to cope with their academic challenges. The competition and the standards of education have become higher and it has become more difficult for the students to sustain their academic growth. Students must keep themselves motivated and focused on their studies to shine in their academic careers.

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