Age Verification Solution – A Way To Protect Minors From Online Scams

by TechloverSAhmad

As the internet has opened opportunities for many tasks, there is a downside to it as well. Online scams are increasing exponentially nowadays. While one may think fraudsters are targeting adults in order to gain benefits, the facts show the other story. Scammers are targeting minors because they somehow become an easy task for them. But with the help of an age verification solution, these frauds can be controlled to a maximum. 


Introducing Age Verification 

Age verification is the solution for verifying individuals on age-restricted websites. Merchants who sell age-oriented products are liable to practice certain security protocols to avoid facing unfortunate events. Age checks are necessary for sellers of age-restricted products. These products include tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, and more. 


How does Age Verification Works 

Let’s suppose that you are trying to approach an online social media platform. These social sites require their users to be above a certain age. You approach the website, the site asks you to enter your name and your date of birth. This sort of verification was a practice in the past. Such conventional methods are no longer liable in this age because there are countless ways to spoof a system. 

The methods of authentically verifying customers now do not just ask them to manually type the age, rather they include processes that investigate and confirm the real age of individuals. 

AI-supported age verification software verifies individuals in real-time. At the time of enrollment, users input their name and date of birth. The age-restricted site such as the online dating app now asks customers to display their government-issued ID document. Optical character Recognition then extracts data from the document through an automated method. 


Frauds That can be Detected by Age Verification 

Age verification compliance can detect a number of frauds that are targeted at age-restricted websites. 


Identity Theft 

It would not be wrong to say identity theft is a perk of technological advancement. Identity theft refers to the process when a perpetrator tries to steal the identity of a customer and uses it to create another fake identity. 

On age-restricted websites, minors become a target of criminals for stealing their identities. Children because of their innocence fall easy prey to criminals. However, with the help of an age verification solution, fraudsters can easily be detected when they try to spoof the system with their created identities. 


Fraudulent Documents

To make a purchase online like buying alcohol or an e-cigarette, customers are required to submit their official documents. This is a mandatory step for any of the businesses under regulations. KYCC procedures require the practice of age verification solutions so that only legitimate customers buy products. 

When any of the customers try to onboard use fake documents, age verification online will detect them and discourage the fraudsters in their aims. 


Minors on Adult oriented platform 

Children are becoming tech-savvy with time. They are getting hold of the internet and smartphones. In this wake, children are now becoming technology users and are indulging in every activity available on the internet. While using the internet, they forget what is suitable for them or not and thus offer themselves prey to fraudsters. 

Many perpetrators can manipulate the innocence of children and can use them for their benefit. Minors accessing adult-oriented websites also is a case of fraud in which they themselves get involved. Minors out of their innocence becoming prey to fraudsters is very common and it can only be prevented only because of the age verification solution. 


Benefits of Compliance to Age-Restricted websites 

Age verification laws not only protect minors and discourage fraudsters, rather they provide chances to associated merchants to gain a lot of benefits from compliance as well. So that is a win-win strategy. 

By complying with laws, age-restricted platforms ensure that they avoid any legal proceedings that could happen due to non-compliance. 

While following all the rules of age verification solutions, businesses confirm that no minor faces the frauds of identity theft or any other form of scam. 

Having online age verification solutions in place, companies can avoid troubled and tiresome manual tasks that could take days yet with no authentic result-driven services. 

Wrapping it up 

Modern-day problems require a modern solution. The age where social platforms have become a usual thing and everybody has the freedom to browse anything on their mobile phones. Children are more likely to become prey in the hands of fraudsters on age-restricted websites. Therefore, an age verification solution is an answer for merchants selling adult-oriented products. 

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