AI-based Job Search – How Lensa Does It!

by Glenn Maxwell

AI-based Job Search

Looking for jobs can become a hassle quite quickly, especially when being uncertain of your qualifications or unsatisfied with the job listings you are seeing. The traditional method for recruitment was through job boards that may as well count as fossils in today’s recruitment climate. 

Bulletin boards advertising open positions to newspaper ads trying to sell potential candidates a position at the company were the olden-day methods for finding recruits. It used to be not only time-consuming but also inefficient and ineffective. As time progressed, recruiters started posting entry-level vacancies and increasingly specialized jobs as well, to diversify the pool. 

We’ve now progressed to using AI for job searching and finding potential candidates for companies. The scale at which these types of software work overshadow general recruitment methods with the ability to scan candidates within the thousands. The general question might be “is technology a good career path?”, and the answer still remains yes.

How the role of AI is impacting recruitment 

Like with everything, there are professionals in the field who either preach the use of AI for job searching platforms or there are professionals who detest it due to certain setbacks it may present for candidates and recruiters alike. 

The reason why AI is so beneficial is due to its versatility and efficiency. The most often used forms of AI are deep learning, which includes language processing and machine learning on a basic level as well. As we know, artificial intelligence runs on algorithms, which also makes its pattern detecting capabilities increasingly cemented with use.

The reason patterns are so important is because candidates tend to fall into categorized trends even without digital intervention. Employment data is a core element of recruitment since it provides recruiters and companies with the data they need to make provisional decisions regarding vacancies, employees, future opportunities for growth, and so on. 

Scouring through thousands of applications and outputting an equal amount of predictions, there is no doubt there is still more to exploit regarding the use of AI that companies such as Lensa are already achieving with staffing in the U.S.

The benefits at hand

Artificial intelligence as a base for recruitment not only saves human resource departments time and companies large sums of money overall, but it also provides a large benefit for candidates who are in the competition for certain positions. 

Lensa also offers mini-games based on workstyle games that aid their software in assessing candidates’ capabilities as well as help them discover hidden talents they may have that prove to be an asset in the job search industry. 

Communications are also facilitated through AI software thanks to the level of automation it provides recruiters with tasks such as confirmation emails, reminders, offers, and so on. The reason this is an important factor is that this perk provides recruiters more time to work on their interpersonal relationships with candidates. 

Diversity is also a big factor as to why AI recruitment is so beneficial since there have been countless cases of either cronyism or discrimination and prejudice during such processes. Artificial intelligence can have some biases which we will mention later but they are never based on non-work congruent ideologies since AI isn’t sentient. 

The quality of hires also increases thanks to the exact matching system used by companies such as Lensa to sift through every candidate and match them to the ideal company that they could excel in. The reason behind its accuracy is standardized job matching, utilizing all data the software can find to correctly match. 

One doubt that is often voiced concerning the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment or job finding is that it isn’t ethical due to the lack of human intervention and how the software can be biased. 

The reality behind AI for job searching and recruiting is that the software becomes as good as the developer or company makes it out to be. This means that if a company, such as Lensa, invests enough into its AI software, it is highly likely that it will be less biased and more successful, which it is. 

Why AI-based solutions are the way to go

Lensa, and other such companies, have implemented AI to such an efficient and deep extent that it is almost foolproof in scanning applications, especially with their work-style game and intricate AI software. The furious development of artificial intelligence not only aids in this sector but also in investing in areas such as SEO businesses since the algorithms are so well made. 

Lensa’s platform helps job seekers find jobs more easily through reminders, testing, and optimized function but you must remember to see into your confidence and comfort levels to truly find a job you will certainly enjoy and excel at. Landing a job where you are able to grow is the primary goal, and with Lensa it becomes an easily achievable one.

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