AI Video Generation -The Future of Video Content Creation!

by Moore Martin

The need for video content has made it increasingly popular on the Internet, with video creators preferring to create videos quickly in order to grow their channels. However, creating high-quality videos takes time and effort, and not generating new videos can damage a channel’s reputation and viewership. This is why most content creators nowadays are turning to quick video creation solutions in order to remain successful online.

Artificial Intelligence and Humans:

Artificial intelligence has made many leaps and bounds in recent years, making it possible for things that were once impossible to happen. One such leap is the ability to generate videos very quickly using video generation tools. Text-to-video generation, along with an AI avatar, can be done by using DeepBrain AI. It is a platform that goes to the extent of offering AI humans, which makes it much more realistic to watch. Using this technology, you could also repurpose your old blog content. Just pick up essential parts from the blog as text and convert them into a video. That takes just about 5 minutes.

Incorporating inclusivity:

A key concept to consider is inclusion. When using avatars in your video, you need to be able to choose their ethnicity in order to connect with your target audience. DeepBrain AI offers a diverse cast of over 100 fully licensed AI avatars ready to support your video productions. Thankfully, you can choose these features carefully when choosing a text-to-video generator.

Video generation is also dependent on the language in which videos can be generated. In case you need to create content in a regional language, several video generators may not be compatible. Thanks to DeepBrain AI, you can create video in over 55 languages. This will help you reach a larger and more exclusive audience.

Eliminating traditional video creation processes:

An anchor or an actor is usually part of the filming team when you create a video. In addition to the equipment you need for shooting, the need for a studio, and the editing process, which requires some expertise, you also need to consider those factors.

AI video generators eliminate most of these requirements. AI-generated avatars or humans can replace actors. DeepBrain AI offers an editor that is super easy to use for beginners, saving a lot of time on filming the video. Furthermore, you can also save a lot of money by skipping the entire video production process.

As a conclusion:

Many content creators still have doubts about AI video generation and whether it affects SEO negatively. But good SEO practice requires connecting with your audience. By using high-quality AI video generators, such as those from DeepBrain AI, it ensures that the new video is created with a human touch. The platform is inclusive and creative, allowing you to repurpose and create intuitive content in minutes for a wide variety of audiences.

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