All about Israel and Palestine Conflicts

by James Martin

The United States attempted to revive the peace process between Israel and Palestine in 2013. However, when Fatah—the authority’s ruling party–formed a unity government with its rival faction Hamas that same year it was clear this would not be easy for America who had already designated both groups as terrorists organizations due mainly because of their support among different segments within society including religious leaders and students alike which caused an interruption on negotiations leading up until today where there is no progress made possible unless one side decides they’re ready now more than ever before.

The 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict was one of the most intense and prolonged battles in recent memory. Hamas, an Islamist Palestinian group that controls Gaza Strip at time period where they launched nearly 3 thousand rockets onto Israeli cities from which result 73 dead citizens along with 2251 injured ones; while IDF soldiers responded by launching bombing raids against strategic targets throughout territories leading up until August 31st when cease fire agreement were brokered after several days without any major developments.

The recent wave of violence in 2015 led to the announcement that Abbas’s Palestinian Authority would no longer be bound by Oslo Accords’ territorial divisions. In March and May 2018, weekly demonstrations took place at Israel’s border with Gaza Strip following weeks where tensions rose between Israelis living nearby as well as Palestinians living there or the only protests demanding freedom for prisoners held without trial or legal representation from among those killed during last year’s conflict were met largely peacefully until some Gazans tried entering Israeli territory through crossing points allocated specifically for this purpose but were denied entry due solely on account their absence despite having permits allowing travel indetermined not only brain dead non-conscientiously manufactured “protest candidates.”

The final protest against the Israeli occupation and its policies coincided with this year’s 70th anniversary of Nakba, when Palestinians were forced out. While most demonstrations remained peacefully engaged in their cause some individuals broke through perimeter fences to throw rocks at security forces who responded by firing live ammunition at them sometimes from very close range despite international laws forbidding such actions.”

The fighting in May 2018 became the worst period since 2014. Militants from Gaza fired over one hundred rockets into Israel before reaching a cease-fire, which was eventually broken by renewed conflict later that same month after just twenty-four hours of flare ups led to strikes on more than fifty targets within Palestinian territories as well along with other countries around eyeshot such statements made UNESCO recognize Palestine’s sovereignty over Jerusalem temple mount.

I’m going paint this picture simply so you can understand how complicated things have become internationally: The United States stopped paying its UN Affairs Budget while also cutting $65 million dollars earmarked for humanitarian aid organizations who are already struggling due lack donors willing send them money anymore because everyone wants #PeaceNow. The Donald J. Trump administration set achieving an Israeli-Palestinian deal as a foreign policy priority.


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