Amazon Quiz Questions Answers Today – 1 May 2020

by Carter Toni

Check Amazon . com Quiz Solutions (first May 2020) according to GK (General Understanding) for that Amazon . com quiz today. Give correct solutions and win money & prizes online. Learn complete details. Amazon . com India conducts online quizzes on their own applications every so often to interact their users on the internet and the winners from the quizzes frequently can win prizes and cash back offers, mostly through lucky draws with terms & conditions. Ideas have given important GK questions & solutions that are likely to be requested during these platforms and have been requested during these platforms. The majority of the questions and solutions can be found here derive from Important Days and Dates in 2020: National and Worldwide

Amazon . com Quiz Solutions Today – first May 2020 (Quiz Time 8 AM to 12 PM) – Answer and Win Casio 61 Key Keyboard*

1. After China, India and also the USA, which country has got the next greatest population?

2. A lately announced documentary by Ken Burns using the tagline ‘An Intimate History’ is dependant on which subject? (Hint: It’s inspired from the book compiled by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee)

Answer: Genetics

3. Where early Plastic Valley company did YouTube founders Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley meet?

Answer: Paypal

4. Based on the World Meteorological Organization, what’s likely to fall by 6% – the greatest yearly drop since The Second World War?

Answer: CO2 emissions

5. Which country has began to check a brand new digital currency in four of their metropolitan areas?

Answer: China

Amazon . com Quiz Solutions Today – 30 April 2020 (Quiz Time 8 AM to 12 PM) – Answer and Win Rs 10,000*

1. Which could well be a genuine time statistics website managed by Dadax, that has arrived at prominence throughout the COVID-19 outbreak?

Answer: Worldometer

2. ‘Innovate for any Eco-friendly Future’ may be the 2020 slogan that day that will be observed on April 26th?

Answer: World Ip Day

3. Every bowler really wants to begin to see the bails/stumps flying with the air following the ball continues to be delivered. What goes on once the ball hits the stump from the bowler?

Answer: Bowled

4. By which country can you find Uluru or Ayers Rock, a sizable sandstone rock formation encircled by springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient works of art?

Answer: Australia

5. Which of those personalities were an Indian diplomat and also the first female president from the Un general set up?

Answer: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Amazon . com Quiz Solutions Today – 29 April 2020 – Win LG W30 Pro

Question 1 – NASA’s Juno spacecraft lately taken a sensational picture of the northern parts of which solar body and it is swirling, chaotic atmosphere?

Answer: Jupiter

NASA’s space probe Juno has lately taken beautiful pictures of the northern parts of the greatest planet in our solar system.

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Question 2 – The Red Protector is really a character to become brought to the MCU within the Black Widow movie. By which country was he born?

Answer: Russia

The Red Protector is among the imaginary figures of Marvel Motion picture World (MCU) and is recognized as Soviet same as Captain America.

Question 3 – How can we better be aware of Korean chocolate Ppopgi? (Hint: A famous coffee trend presently running throughout social networking)

Answer: Dalgona

Dalgona coffee, a South Korean coffee treat, lately acquired recognition in India and round the world. Dalgona or Ppopgi is Korean chocolate.

Question 4: The lately launched book, ‘Shuttling towards the Top’ may be the biography which Indian sportsperson?

Answer: PV Sindhu

Shuttling to the peak may be the biography of Indian shuttler PV Sidhu.

Question 5: Which famous actor born on April 24th in Gajanur, was also referred to as Nata Sarvabhouma (emperor of actors)?

Answer: Dr Rajkumar

Gajanur is really a village Tamil Nadu, India.

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About Amazon . com Quiz:

Amazon . com India has frequently been performing online quizzes through their apps. A number of them are backed by different brands. Lately it conducted quizzes like Amazon . com Nilkamal quiz, Samsung Universe Note 10 Amazon . com Quiz, Amazon . com Riddles Quiz, Amazon . com Saheli Quiz. Amazon . com quiz on World Book Day goes online presently.

How you can Play Amazon . com Quiz?

To have fun playing the Amazon . com Quiz, all that you should do would be to download the applying in the play store. Login together with your account and tap on three lines of horizontal type within the upper left-hands corner, here you’re going to get the choice below Programs featuring choices to connect to the online live quizzes. To face an opportunity to win, you have to answer the questions properly. You won’t be qualified for that lucky draw for a moment provide the wrong response to the multiple-choice questions.

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