Are Debbie and Tony Still Together? Debbie and Tony 90 Day Fiance: Know About Love Story!

by Moore Martin

Are Debbie and Tony Still Together

Debbie Johnson and Tony Starcevich from “90 Day Fiancé” are still together. Their enduring relationship, marked by transformations and a move to Canada, continues to captivate fans following their journey.


Debbie Johnson and Tony Starcevich are still together. Known for her possessive role on “90 Day Fiancé,” Debbie underwent a transformative journey marked by weight loss, a new look, and a romance with Tony. Despite initial skepticism, she surprised fans by leaving Las Vegas to start a new life with Tony in Canada.

A Journey of Love and Transformation

Debbie’s journey of love and transformation is one that has kept fans intrigued. Her initial appearance on “90 Day Fiancé” showcased her close yet sometimes toxic relationship with her son, Colt. However, things took an unexpected turn when she entered the world of “90 Day: The Single Life.”

The Unexpected Romance

After a hiatus from dating due to caring for her son and coping with her husband’s loss, Debbie reentered the dating scene with a fresh look, including a tattoo and fiery red hair. She eventually connected with Tony Starcevich from Canada. Their budding romance unfolded on the show, leading to a surprising move as Debbie left Las Vegas to be with Tony.

Life in Canada

Currently, Debbie and Tony are still together in Canada, as spotted by fans. Debbie faces the challenge of obtaining a visa to stay in Canada, with the process possibly taking up to a year. Despite initial skepticism and hurdles, the couple’s journey continues, and fans eagerly await potential updates on their relationship through future television appearances.


1. Are Debbie and Tony still together?

  • Yes, Debbie Johnson and Tony Starcevich are still together. They have been sharing updates about their relationship on Instagram, and recent sightings confirm their continued connection in Canada.

2. What changes has Debbie undergone in her life?

  • Debbie underwent a transformative journey, including weight loss, a new look, and a romantic relationship with Tony Starcevich. This shift was highlighted during her appearance on “90 Day: The Single Life.”

3. Have Debbie and Tony added a new member to their family?

  • Yes, Debbie and Tony recently introduced a kitten named Ember to their family. This dispelled speculations about the couple welcoming a baby, showcasing their growing family with Debbie’s existing cats.

4. What challenges is Debbie facing in Canada?

  • Debbie is seeking an immigration lawyer in Canada to address visa and residency issues. She expressed a serious commitment to obtaining permanent residency and emphasized her love for the country and desire to spend her life there with Tony.

5. How long has Debbie been living in Canada with Tony?

  • Debbie has been living in Canada with Tony for over a year. Despite initial skepticism and concerns from her son Colt, Debbie and Tony’s relationship has endured, and they continue to share their journey with fans.


Debbie and Tony’s journey of love and transformation has been one that has captured the hearts of “90 Day Fiancé” fans. Despite the challenges and changes, they continue to thrive in their relationship in Canada.

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