Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds

by Glenn Maxwell

Do you have a crèche or kids at home and searched online for an artificial turf installer near me? Maybe you wonder if planting an instant lawn or installing a synthetic lawn is better. Well, look no further as you have started searching for the right thing. Artificial turf has loads of benefits compared to natural grass. If you want your children to enjoy time outdoors, a synthetic turf playground is just what you need.

Kids Will Have Hours of Fun

There is no better way for children to enjoy themselves at home or school than a professionally installed playground with synthetic turf. You can find numerous options available. Still, artificial grass can allow the kids to have plenty of fun participating in everyday play activities. For that reason, it will remain a perfect choice when designing a playground.

Increases Safety

Compared to natural grass that can get hard in winter, your artificial turf is much softer and has better shock absorption when kids fall or trip. Hence, synthetic grass will minimize the chance of severe harm and will be a relief for many parents when focusing on children’s enjoyment.

Furthermore, some children also get allergic to natural grass, which you will not find with synthetic lawns. On the other hand, most synthetic grass has anti-microbial properties to prevent the spread of bacteria or germs, making it safe for any little person to play on.

Another great thing is that parents will not have problems doing the laundry, as children will not go home with dirt-stained grass clothes.

No Need for Using Harsh Fertilizers

While synthetic turf minimizes injury to promote safety, it is also low-maintenance. It does not need water, fertilizers, or pesticides, is drought-resistant, and shade is not a problem. However, these chemicals cause danger for kids as they can become exposed to toxic residues threatening their well-being and health. Therefore, installing artificial turf will keep harmful products away from the children.

Very Durable

When it comes to playgrounds, the surface must endure daily use of children running and playing on them. The artificial turf is made to last and will fulfill all the needs of a playground. The material is resilient to last for years, even with apparatuses standing on it. No matter how much kids run, jump, tumble or kick around a ball, the surface remains the same.

Check Out the Amazing Lineup of Synthetic Grass Here

If you are still searching for artificial grass for playgrounds, here at Lone Star Synthetic Turf,  we have an incredible lineup of artificial grass available for your playground setting. The turf will fulfill all your needs to last a lifetime. As you can see, compared to instant lawn, synthetic turf provides you with many more benefits. Think of it this way you will not need to mow the lawn, water, or maintain it.

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