Best horror thrillers on Netflix

by Carter Toni

Horror movies are extremely popular- they make your heart race, increase your adrenaline and make for an exciting plot. However, when it comes to horror shows, things become a little, well, different. Not a lot of shows have been able to hold onto the balance level of horror and plot that is necessary to keep the shows interesting enough. However, recently, there has been a lot of new horror thrillers on Netflix that have changed this narrative and given us a show we remember for days after. You can watch these shows for free on a TV aerial. To get one installed by professionals, click here 

Haunting of the Bly Manor

From the creator of Haunting of the hill house, this horrible tragedy has made its way into the hearts of people and has become one of the best horror thrillers on Netflix. The show captures heartbreak and romance in a perfect balance with ghosts and spirits that will spook you out. While the good news is that Haunting of the Bly Manor is not as scary as its twin, Haunting of the hill house is way more heartbreaking.

The story follows an au pair who gets employed by a man to look after his niece and nephews who live in a huge manor named Bly Manor. With its expansive history and rumour that the people of the town never leave the town, the house itself looks beautiful. However, with all its residents fighting their ghosts (literally), the story takes strange turns that will leave you wondering what it means to be dead and what it means to be alive- are we much different?

With a million other questions that will leave you thinking and possibly having an existential crisis, Haunting of the Bly Manor is much more than a horror show- It’s a story about love, people and sadness.

Haunting of the Hill house

We can not talk about horror shows without talking about this absolute banger that changed the way horror TV is made. Loosely based on the novel series by the same name, the plot alternates between two timelines, following 5 children who grew up in the most haunted house in the country. What was meant to be just a short stay to fix the house, turns into a longer stay due to some complications. What follows is a series of terrifying horror sequences mixed with a plot that has some of the best camera work in this industry. When the estranged siblings reunite with their father after a tragedy, secrets come out with a crippling need to revisit their old home.

The series has done extremely well and like its twin, makes you wonder about a lot of things that you may never get the answers to. What makes this show so different from other horror shows is the fact that its plot was interesting and intricate enough to keep the audience engaged for the whole duration. The storytelling with the direction is extremely creative and adds to the details of the plot.

So, if you are itching for a drama that you will be binging, Haunting of the hill house is the perfect horror thriller on Netflix for you.

Sweet Home

A new addition to the Netflix list of amazing horrors, sweet home is a Korean drama that makes you question what it means to be a monster. The show follows the residents of housing whose world change completely when the world starts turning into monsters. Faced with their demons, they struggle to survive in a world that has no hope left. Following mostly the story of a troubled teen who finds the will to stay alive as he fights the disease that is turning everyone into a monster, he struggles to survive with his neighbours who don’t trust him.

With the military taking over control, sweet home is a wild ride from the start to the end and leaves you wondering and asking yourself questions. A must watch horror thriller, sweet home is the perfect show to binge on.


A show that took over squid games- the most popular Korean drama ever- Hellbound is a must-watch for all horror lovers.  Directed by Yeon-Sang, the person who made the train to Busan, Hellbound starts with a foreboding sequence where huge troll-like creatures start killing people that receive the message of being hell-bound. Where do they come from and where do they go? No one knows, they appear from thin air. Seeing this an opportunity, a new religion begins taking over Korea that claims that the creatures are sent by God and those who receive the message have sinned against the high power. The extremely exciting drama is pretty short (unfortunately). However, there have been talks about the second season which is kind of required as the first season ended on a pretty bad cliff-hanger

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