Bigg Boss Losliya photoshoot for Diwali 2020 in a traditional saree goes viral on social media

by Carter Toni

Losliya was among the finds of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3. She’s an enormous fan following because of her unique anchoring skills and her romantic connect with another Bigg Boss favourite Kavin. Publish Bigg Boss Losliya and Kavin have damaged up and managed to move on, however their group of followers has stored growing even just in 2020, twelve months after Bigg Boss 3.

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Losliya is acting in couple of movies while Kavin is acting inside a movie entitled “Lift”. Losliya has transformed herself from the traditional girl to modern diva by slimming down, but fans were eager doing in a conventional outfit. Now a photoshoot of Losliya inside a traditional saree for Diwali 2020 continues to be released. These photos ‘re going viral on social networking.

Losliya’s fans are loving her latest looks and therefore are eager doing in movies. Listed here are the photos

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