BohemianInterior Design of MoroccanBerberRugs.

by Carter Toni

Moroccan berber rugs / carpets are valid ancestral mats completely hand-woven by ladies of the BeniOuarain, and other neighboring Berber clans, Azilal and other areas in the North-Eastern Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The winter in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is harsh and characterized by the most reduced temperatures in Africa. To warm themselves they use BeniOurain rugs, which they are considered the most prestigious rugs in the world, handmade from the very finest wool, every piece you take is the only piece, one of its kind.

BeniOuarain rugs are made of pure sheep’s wool of high quality featuring shining pile of golden and ivory highlights; one of this best organic wool is produced out of a unique rustic Berber sheep breed around the ancient race called ‘Marmoucha’.

  • The BeniOurain tribes excel in selecting softer and silkier wool during a harvesting that could last several years before gathering enough wool to make some rugs
  • The BeniOurain rugs/carpets very artistic designs have inspired many European artists such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier (who matched the Berber rugs with sleekly designed furniture), Paul Klee and, as well as most famous modernist architects in the 1920’s and 30’s . They got trendy by Henri Matisse, who called them “The huge whites”
  • Another type of Moroccan Berber rugs,Azilal rugsconsidered as style of Moroccan handmade minimalist carpets along with BeniOurain carpets: These type of wolly Berber rugs are handwoven featuring a great richness of colors, usually within a creamy background.

Azilal carpets are usually performed by Berber village women using vertical looms, the unique tribal patterns that compose them make every piece one of its kind.

The astounding pattern styles of the Moroccan rugs so-called Azial rugs come to complete any home interior, not only as floor coverings or wall hangings but also as an accent artwork. They showcase the place and give it warmth and joy owing to well-composed bright colors and the simplicity that characterizes them as tribal carpets.

Implementing Azilal rugs in interior design is indeed the short way to give a vivid breath of style to our homes and office, they are the rugs of choice to anyone who seek the plain beauty of handmade minimalist carpets.

Boucherouite Rugs can be utilized in a wide range of inside styles as they bring a fascinating contrastto an insignificant highly contrasting inside and promotions trace of shading and character to various sort of spaces from youngsters’ space to lounge room. Little Boucherouites fills in also on the divider as a bit of craftsmanship.

Conventional Moroccan embroidered artwork is one of Morocco’s most captivating high quality specialties. Brilliant, hand-created floor coverings and rugs are accessible in all Moroccan customary souks, enthralling the interest of sightseers.

Hues, examples, and materials used to create the rugs contrast starting with one Moroccan area then onto the next. In the Atlas Mountains, the specialty of Boucherouite — creating rugs from bits of abundance texture, fleece, or calfskin — was gone down through numerous ages and makes due right up ’til today.

We have a chance to help ladies in the Atlas Mountains and an opportunity to advance supportability in the style business.


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