Brandon Lawson Missing Update: What Really Happened to Brandon Lawson?

by Moore Martin

Brandon Lawson Missing Update

The disappearance of Brandon Lawson in August 2013 has remained an enigma, perplexing investigators and the public alike. Recent developments in the case, including the discovery of clothing believed to belong to Lawson and human remains in the vicinity, have ignited hope for answers. This article delves into the baffling case of Brandon Lawson, exploring the events leading to his disappearance, the recent findings, and the ongoing DNA testing to confirm his identity.

The Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

Brandon Lawson was an American man residing in San Angelo, Texas, with his girlfriend of ten years, Ladessa Lofton. While Lawson had a history of substance abuse, he had managed to stay clean for approximately six months before his mysterious disappearance.

On the night of August 8, 2013, a heated argument with Lofton led to Lawson’s decision to leave their home. He stated that he was heading to his father’s house in Crowley, Texas, but tragically, he never arrived at his intended destination.

The haunting aspect of this case lies in the 911 call that Lawson made that night. In the call, he reported running out of gas and claimed to be chased by unidentified individuals in the desert. The call was filled with urgency and fear, adding to the perplexity of the situation.

The Perplexing Chain of Events

After the 911 call, Brandon Lawson made subsequent calls to his brother, Kyle Lawson, and a sheriff’s deputy. These calls, however, became increasingly confusing and incoherent, making it difficult for anyone to ascertain his exact location or the nature of the threat he faced.

Extensive searches were initiated in the aftermath of his disappearance, but no signs of Brandon Lawson were initially found. The case remained unsolved for years, leaving his family and the community in anguish.

Recent Developments

In a recent turn of events, a search party discovered clothing believed to be Brandon Lawson’s near his last known location. This discovery prompted the Texas Rangers to conduct a thorough search, which ultimately led to the discovery of human remains in the area.

As of August 2023, DNA testing is underway to confirm the identity of the recovered remains. While it is not confirmed yet, there are high expectations that these remains belong to Brandon Lawson. This significant breakthrough has reignited interest in the case and offers a glimmer of hope for closure for his family and all those who have followed the baffling mystery.

Has Brandon Lawson Ever Been Found?

As of now, Brandon Lawson has not been found. His disappearance in 2013 and the subsequent events have kept the case shrouded in perplexity. It took nearly a decade for any substantial developments to surface.

The discovery of his clothing and the human remains in 2022, while promising, still leaves the ultimate fate of Brandon Lawson unanswered. The pending DNA results are critical in determining whether the remains are indeed his, and this remains a matter of ongoing investigation.


The case of Brandon Lawson’s disappearance continues to intrigue and baffle all those who encounter it. The recent findings of clothing and human remains offer a renewed glimmer of hope for answers, but the mystery remains unsolved until the DNA testing confirms the identity of the remains. In the quest for closure and understanding, we keep Brandon Lawson and his family in our thoughts.

Brandon Lawson Missing Update – FAQs

  1. When did Brandon Lawson go missing? Brandon Lawson went missing in August 2013.
  2. What triggered his disappearance? Lawson disappeared after a night of arguing with his girlfriend and leaving his home in San Angelo, Texas.
  3. What significant update has occurred in the case? Recently, a search party found clothing believed to be Lawson’s, leading to the discovery of human remains in the area by the Texas Rangers.
  4. Why did Lawson make a 911 call on the night of his disappearance? In the chilling 911 call, Lawson reported running out of gas and claimed to be chased by unidentified individuals in the desert.

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