Can Playing League of Legends Affect Your Mental Health?

by Glenn Maxwell

It seems like destiny how every gamer is haunted by stress and an unusually heavy mental load. It’s pretty ironic considering how these games are created for entertainment and the gamers just end up stressed and fuming after every game. League of Legends is probably one of the most enraging games out on the internet. There are probably some of those fake Mario games rigged with traps that are less stressful than playing 3 ranked games of League of Legends. The game’s nature attracts a lot of players because of its characteristics. The game is fairly easy to learn unlike other MOBAs and can be really fun to play with friends. So why is there a significant amount of stress linked to this game? And how do you counter it?

League of Legends is a competitive game

League of Legends is full of tryhards determined to make sick outplays and dominate every single game they play. It is true that there is a certain level of satisfaction you get out of outplaying an enemy when you’re on 10% HP as Zed, landing that Thresh Q on an airborne Zac or Tristana, or even getting that ultra-rare Yasuo 1v3. However, continuous failures to do so might take its toll on any player and cause them to tilt, which could lead to losing the game, causing more tilt – it’s an endless cycle. 

The matchmaking system is a trickster

The matchmaking system of League of Legends can be a little fickle from time to time. If you’re unlucky enough it matches you with players who don’t know half of what they’re doing. If you don’t play League of Legends enough to be able to carry your team or even just yourself in every game, queueing up for a ranked match could feel like playing Russian Roulette. But sometimes, if you get lucky enough, it might place you in a match where the players are just on a whole different level and you’re left at the top lane camped for half of the game. That grey screen of death is pretty demoralizing.

The game is just mentally taxing

If you’re not used to playing for long periods of time, grinding ranked games for a significant amount of time could fry up your brain. The game’s micro and macro mechanics can take their toll on your head and it may cause you to make small mistakes – a lot. This burnout could make you lose your focus and constantly check out in the middle of the game, and the defeats can make you feel furious. So remember to check on yourself from time to time.


Playing League of Legends can indeed affect your mental health in one way or another. It can make even the calmest and most composed players squirm in frustration. But remember that along with skills, and hard work, keeping a straight head is one of the keys to improving consistently. Remember to take short breaks after every game or couple of games, stop to evaluate every defeat, and remember what you did to get the victories. Even if the progress is slow, remember to keep it steady. And most of all, remember to keep track of your progress on the best LoL MMR checkers.

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