Can You Still Use Water if a Water Heater Is Leaking?

by James Martin

We rely on water heaters for our hot water needs throughout the cold season. It’s a usual morning.  You need to get ready for work. But, when you enter your bathroom, you see that your water heater is leaking. Now, you may wonder about whether or not you can take that shower even when your water heater is leaking. Yes, in most cases, you can still use the water before you call plumbers in San Jose to examine why it is leaking.  But, it will also be determined by the leak’s location and the severity of the leak.

Can you use your water heater if it is leaking?

If it is a minor leak, you may be able to take shower or use water until a professional plumbing expert visits to fix the issue. Most water heater leaks are minor. Minor leaks won’t do much when it comes to the amount of hot water you need for your daily needs.

However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to call a plumber to have your water heater examined and identify the cause of the leak. You will need a plumber to find out where the leak is present and fix it so that it doesn’t cause more issues.

If you see a leak creating a flooding situation on the floor, don’t delay in calling top service for plumbing, water heater repair, and drain cleaning in San Jose. It’s best to put your shower activity on hold.

How to determine If I have a leaking water heater unit?

Not all leaks appear to be a leak coming from a water heater. Sometimes, the source of a water leak could be condensation, water softener discharge lines, loose valves, and furnace drain lines.

So, it’s important and best to know first where the leak is coming from.

As soon as you ensure that the reason for the leak in your water heater,  begin finding the source of the problem.

What steps to do afterward:

First, turn off the water to the water heater tank. Also, turn off the power of the water heater. Once you do that, drain your water heater tank. Find the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank to drain it. This must be done to prevent water damage. Your property can experience serious water damage which can cost you a lot of money. Now, check if the valve connections are loose, and cold water inlet/ hot water inlet hoses are loose. If you drain valve is loose, you need to tighten it. Even after tightening if the leak is still there, you may need a valve replacement.

A water heater leak could be a result of a corroded water tank too. Severe corrosion inside the tank can cause it to leak. This problem can also lead to a situation where the water heater is not working one day. Call water heater repair experts to replace the system before you experience inconvenience out of nowhere.

If the above solutions don’t work in your case, it’s always best to have a professional inspect your water heater unit for the leak you are experiencing. Leave the jobs such as water heater repairs and water heater installation in San Jose always to professionals as it ensures quick fix and quality service.




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