Choosing the Perfect Diamond: A Guide to the Different Cuts

by Carter Toni

Shopping for your very first diamond? Then, terms like VVS2 Excellent Round Cut or VS1 Very Good Pear Cut must be confusing you. Yes, you can simply check out a detailed and helpful pear diamond cut guide from a reputable source like Rare Carat to clear your confusion and purchase the perfect diamond for you or your beloved. However, you must first go through the Rare Carat 4 Cs diamond with a Buying guide for radiant diamond cut, Buying guide for round diamond cut, or Buying guide for oval diamond cut.

The must-know 4 Cs of a diamond

Any diamond enthusiast or GIA-certified gemologist can confirm the fact that your shopping experience is bound to be effective and profitable if you stick to a diamond’s 4 major quality characteristics to determine if the diamond is worth the price and has everything to satisfy your taste, preference, and budget. Rare Carat is known as America’s best marketplace for diamond rings because it is famous for providing the best-unbiased diamond selection and shopping advice with the help of expert GIA-certified gemologists and advanced AI-controlled price and quality check. Hence, their 4 Cs diamond buying guide is popular among first-time buyers to understand the importance of Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat of a diamond.

It will take you a few minutes to grasp the concept of the Clarity, Color, and Carat of a diamond. However, as a first-time buyer, the biggest hurdle in your quest to understand these 4 major quality characteristics will be the Cut of a diamond. This is because most first-timers confuse the Cut with the Shape of the diamond.

Suppose your favorite shape is Princess; you can check out the Rare Carat princess diamond cut guide to find the diamond of your dreams. However, knowing the difference between the Shape and Cut of a diamond is first required. Hence, this guide to the different cuts is here to clear this confusion so that you can understand the concept better and ensure your first diamond indeed has that brilliant sparkle that you have been dreaming of.

Getting familiar with diamond cut

The elegant, classic, and every girl’s best friend – Diamonds are famous for sparkling like a dream. This gemstone has the capability to transmit light which gives off the signature sparkle. Diamond shapes such as Round, Pear, Oval, Radiant, Asscher, and Princess should not be confused with diamond cut which is the technical specs and proportions of a diamond that determines how the diamond’s facets interact with the light or how brilliant or sparkly the diamond in question is going to be. The cut of a diamond will be determined by its polish, table percentage, symmetry, crown angles, pavilion angles, and proportions (depth, width, and length).

Understanding diamond cut grades

The top-rated Rare Carat (4.9/5 rating in both Google Business Profile and Trustpilot) is the go-to place for everyone looking for brilliant, reasonable, conflict-free, and GIA/IGI/GCAL-certified diamonds. So, if you are on Rare Carat searching for that perfect diamond in the shape of your choice (let’s say, Asscher), you will be advised to consider at least a Very Good Asscher cut diamond if you are looking for a great sparkle at a reasonable price.

GIA determines a diamond as per its 4 Cs quality characteristics to grade it, and knowing the different GIA-approved and universally-accepted diamond cut grades will help you to know which are the best and worst options to go with. So, before you dive into the very helpful Rare Carat Asscher diamond cut guide, use the easy-to-navigate official site to learn about the following different diamond cut grades:

  • Excellent (Height level of brilliance, scintillation or sparkle, and fire)
  • Very Good (Exceptional brilliance, scintillation, and fire)
  • Good (Desirable brilliance, scintillation, and fire)
  • Fair (Decent to moderate brilliance, scintillation, and fire)
  • Poor (No brilliance, scintillation, and fire)

Why visit

From laser inscription verification to free insured shipping to a 30-Day free return to a 100% money-back guarantee, there are many reasons why Rare Carat has become a favorite of all diamond admirers. However, their unbiased, easy-to-understand, and of course, helpful GIA-certified gemologist advice and guidance is what it is known for the most.

Hence, their must-read guides such as the Rare Carat Round diamond cut guide or Pear diamond cut guide can surely help you understand everything that you need to ensure your Rare Carat diamond purchase is exactly what you have been dreaming of while suiting your budget. But, before exploring these detailed guides and more, do not forget to first check out their 4Cs diamond buying guide. Happy learning, happy shopping!

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