Choosing the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses – It’s All In Your Head

by Carter Toni

The term “big-headedness” has negative connotations whether it is set literally or not. In terms of personality, a big-headed person is one that is arrogant, conceited, and boastful. These individuals tend to think they are more intelligent or more important than they really are and can come across as cocky and full of themselves. It is certainly not the description that many people want to receive!

On the other hand, having a literally big head comes with its own set of unique problems. Finding a hat to keep you warm in the Winter and that looks more attractive than a giant tea cosy is a struggle. Protecting your head with a helmet while doing activities is also a trial and it can be almost impossible to get the safety gear you need. The good news is that according to one scientific study, people with larger heads are actually smarter as bigger brains are linked to having a higher level of intelligence. However, this is little comfort when you can’t find a cap to keep the sun off your scalp, or sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, because you have larger than average head.

A Struggle of Society

As a rule, have any kind of body shape that is different to the so-called average is a challenge. Women struggle to find jeans that actually work for the normal shaped body, parents get frustrated trying to find suitable clothing for their children if their height is considered abnormal, and men evidently struggle to find hats to find their larger than average head. The sad truth is that society in general pushes one body shape, one face structure, one skin type, one hair condition, and individuals that don’t fit this stereotype are left feeling like they are the problem.

But! There is hope!

As atypical body types become more prevalent in the media and more highly celebrated by society, there are becoming more and more options for people with big heads. Advice for dressing for your head size is growing, and the manufacturers and retailers catering for having a bigger than average bonce are multiplying. From specialists in caps for big heads, to Faded Days Sunglasses that have complete ranges of eyewear for those blessed with an abnormal noggin, there are growing options out there for ones who need well-fitting fashionwear despite not fitting the general stereotype of head shape. To illustrate the innovations available, let’s talk more about sunglasses for all head sizes.

Sunglasses for All 

The truth is that everybody deserves a pair of well-fitting, comfortable sunglasses, even if their head is a bit bigger than average. This niche in the market is gradually becoming catered for as manufacturers realise that there is a need for bigger specs. Brands such as Faded Days offer a line of sunglasses in an XXL size with a frame size of 165mm. From sports sunglasses you need on your cycling trip, to aviator glasses to complete the cool driving look, customers can find fashionable looking sunglasses that fit in with current trends while also fitting on their larger head. Even customers needing prescription sunglasses can have a pair made for them, while also benefiting from the UV400 polarized lenses that give the eyes the protection they need from the harmful rays of the sun.

Accessible, Sustainable Fashion 

While the trend of sustainable fashion is making headlines, so is accessible fashion. Now designers and retailers are opening up their lines to accommodate for all people of all sizes. You can be sure to find a pair of sunglasses that are not only good for the planet but are good for your big head too! As such, you never need to be ashamed of your incredible cranium ever again.

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