Clean, Speed Up, Protect PC with Advanced SystemCare 15

by Carter Toni

Over time, Windows PCs slow down when you use them. This is a universal reality! Windows generates a lot of internal data every time you do something on your computer. fine, that’s how it works for all OS. There are many ways to clean up such junk and speed up your computer. But you may not have enough time to do this every day. In this case, Advanced SystemCare 15 is a useful tool to help you.

Advanced SystemCare 15 Installation

Advanced SystemCare 15 is easy to install. The installer is also lightweight. It is only 54 MB in size. I just clicked the install button, and it started installing automatically. The download and installation time of Advanced SystemCare 15 depends on the system arrangement.If you have a higher system configuration with a faster internet connection than me, it will take less time.


It’s time to experiment with the skin tone of Advanced SystemCare 15.

PC with Advanced SystemCare 15

1. Care

The Care option of Advanced SystemCare comes with two scanning options. Brand new AI mode and traditional manual mode. AI mode can intelligently clean and speed up your computer based on the state of your computer. The scan took 10 minutes to total. Detected thousands of privacy traces, 6.5 GB of junk files, and much more.

Advanced SystemCare 15 manual mode comes with 16 different options. several options are preferred by default, and several are not. You can also use the Select All button to quickly select all options. It is a good idea to scan the PC with all the selected options. You can also configure the settings for each option. To do so, click on the gear icon next to each option. This gives you extra customization on the scans.

2. Speed Up

The SpeedUp tab of this PC cleaner has some features to speed up the system.

  • Turbo Boost – This prevents unnecessary apps and services from using your computer’s CPU and RAM.
  • Startup Optimizer – This improves the PC to boot faster at startup.
  • Hardware Accelerator – This option is for checking and then updating old drivers so that your computer performs well.
  • Real-time tune-up – It scans various settings in your computer, real-time, which can be adapted to improve overall performance. It also has auto RAM clean.
  • App / Extension Cleaner – You can clean various plugins/toolbars on your computer with the help of Uninstaller.

3. Protect

On the Protect element, there are several options to protect your insightful data.

  • System Protection: This feature protects your system from external threats using anti-virus protection, firewall protection, and anti-spyware.
  • Browser Protection: It provides complete protection of the browser using Email Protection, Surfing Protection, Ads Removal, Anti-Tracking, and Home Page Advisor.
  • Privacy Protection: This option protects your sensitive data, such as login details, bank credentials using Access Detector, and access blocker options.
  • Security and Repair Tools: This option further detects security vulnerabilities on your system and fixes common bugs and system issues.

4. Toolbox

The IObit Advanced SystemCare toolbox has many other components that you can use to improve your computer. It has system optimizing tools, security and repair tools, and system cleaning tools. IObit also lists some of its other products. But these devices need to be purchased separately.


  • The UI brings a more intuitive conversation experience.
  • Examine the Windows registry and eliminate superfluous entries.
  • Detects pop, spyware, and further infections.
  • Single-click cleaning, updating, and faster


  • Newsletter subscription hint during installation
  • Some findings are superfluous


IObitAdvancedSystemCare 15 is an entirelypractical system preservation tool. It does not use many resources of the system itself. As well, it frees RAM from needless programs and services. It claims to increase computer speed by 200%. It was not so effective. But I think it has smoothed the operation of the system to some extent. I loved the single-click optimization of my computer. Clearing my internet history in the name of privacy trace was painful, however, it can be unchecked. Overall, this is an all-in-one tool to get rid of useless files and entries to make the computer run like new.

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