Criteria for choosing Kung Fu shoes!

by Glenn Maxwell

Footwear is an essential accessory when practicing any form of martial arts. After all, it depends on what kind of shoes are on the feet, whether the athlete can quickly stand up at the right moment at lightning speed, whether he is able to coordinate the movements of his legs and maintain proper balance, avoiding various blows or receive them, and stay on his feet. And all this will be possible only if the appropriate shoes are chosen and matched correctly. It is especially needed for training with sparring partners in order to protect and soften the blows of opponents.

Most martial arts shoes come without laces to prevent the laces from getting tangled up during various quick movements during wrestling in training and causing unnecessary injury. It is necessary to specifically select martial arts shoes, paying attention to what type of martial art they are intended for.

Oriental martial arts is, first of all, a philosophy. Athletes who study these types of martial arts know how important it is to observe all traditions, from psychological aspects to equipment. Martial arts of the Celestial Empire provide for generally accepted rules in clothing. It sets the fighter in the right position and provides ease and freedom of movement. The same applies to shoes, which have their own characteristics.

What are called Kung Fu shoes?

Kung Fu shoes are often referred to as Tai Chi shoes or martial arts slippers in Chinese culture. It is a particular kind and design of fabric slip-on shoe that has been traditionally produced in China and was used when performing martial arts like Kung Fu.

How do you choose Kung Fu shoes?

  • The outside sole must be non-slip and always have a line pattern to prevent slipping.
  • In the indoor environment, athletes typically train or perform in leather Kung Fus.
  • Shoes made for Kung Fu have thin, flexible, lightweight soles.

Kung Fu shoes advantages

In all types of martial arts, masters of various fighting schools pay close attention to the stance of a fighter. The ability to stand firmly on his feet greatly increases his chance of winning. For such training, special shoes are purchased, which not only provide optimal grip on the surface but also provide reliable protection for the feet.

As a rule, Kung Fu shoes come in the form of slippers with a flexible, durable sole. It is made of high-quality materials and has a number of advantages:

  • good air microcirculation;
  • high-quality materials;
  • insole with an antibacterial coating;
  • non-slip grooved sole;
  • practicality and durability.

Well-known sports equipment manufacturers, when designing shoes for Kung Fu, foresaw all the main points, including heavy loads on the foot, and, of course, the necessary comfort. It is worth noting that Kung Fu shoes are usually designed for training only in the gym.

The general rule for all shoes designed for martial arts is comfort, durability, and good grip. The manufacturers worked on this to the maximum and made sure that the fighter had the opportunity to fully concentrate on training and not feel any discomfort.

Criteria for choosing shoes for martial arts

The general criteria for choosing shoes are as follows: firstly, before buying shoes, you need to consult with the trainer about what shoes to buy, in what quantity, and which manufacturer to choose. 

Secondly, the chosen shoes should sit on the feet without any gaps, so as not to get injured during sharp turns and accelerations. Thirdly, shoes must be securely fastened to the foot, preventing the fastening from loosening during intensive work in training. 

Fourthly, shoes should be light and flexible, and the sole should have a good grip on the floor without damaging it. Fifthly, shoes must breathe, that is, have appropriate ventilation holes. After choosing shoes, you need to walk in them for a while to check if there is any discomfort in the area of the foot and toes. 

Make sure the shoes fit comfortably around the ankle, heel, and toes while allowing freedom of movement. Then you should practice taking different positions and performing different maneuvers in your new shoes.

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