Did Lauren Manzo Get Plastic Surgery? Know Lauren Manzo Weight Loss!

by Moore Martin

Did Lauren Manzo Get Plastic Surgery

Intrigued by the buzz surrounding Lauren Manzo’s rumored plastic surgery and impressive weight loss? Let’s dive right into the details as we explore her candid revelations on TikTok and the methods she used to shed those pounds.

Unveiling the Truth: Did Lauren Manzo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lauren Manzo, a prominent figure known for her appearances on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (RHONJ), recently addressed speculations about her plastic surgery on TikTok. Contrary to the rumors, she clarified that she had not undergone surgery to remove extra skin or acquire veneers. Her youthful skin, she explained, was simply a result of her age, not cosmetic procedures. While she openly acknowledged her crooked bottom teeth and not-so-white teeth, she firmly denied having veneers.

Lauren did have lap band surgery in the past, but she opted to have it removed in 2020. Her weight loss journey took a different turn as she turned to a diabetes medication called Mounjaro to help her shed the pounds.

Despite her rapid weight loss, Lauren was honest about experiencing some flabbiness in her chin and arms. She candidly admitted to being somewhat lax about hitting the gym regularly. In summary, Lauren Manzo put an end to the recent speculations about her having plastic surgery, emphasizing that her transformation was not the result of cosmetic enhancements.

Lauren Manzo’s Remarkable Weight Loss Journey

Lauren’s journey to shedding excess weight was an inspiring one. She took to Instagram to share her success story with her fans, revealing that she had lost an impressive 50 pounds. Her weight loss regimen included the use of Mounjaro, a diabetes medication. She expressed her gratitude to her supporters and detailed her commitment to her transformation.

In addition to the medication, Lauren made significant lifestyle changes. She eliminated gluten and dairy from her diet, explored functional medicine, and continued using Mounjaro to shed the final 30 pounds. To further enhance her physical well-being, Lauren also made it a point to hit the gym and engage in facial treatments. Her dedication to her health and open discussion of her imperfections reflect a positive and determined attitude.

Lauren has even hinted at sharing more about her weight loss journey through a video, demonstrating her willingness to inspire others on their path to a healthier lifestyle.

A Closer Look at Lauren Manzo

Lauren Manzo’s prominence in the world of reality television stems from her appearances on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and the spin-off show “Manzo’d with Children.” As the daughter of Caroline Manzo, an original cast member of RHONJ, she quickly gained recognition in the public eye.

With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, Lauren has built a substantial social media presence. However, her personal life recently underwent a notable change as she confirmed her divorce from Vito Scalia after eight years of marriage.

Lauren Manzo’s Amicable Divorce

In an Instagram video, Lauren shared the news of her divorce from Vito Scalia. She emphasized that the decision was made amicably and had been in the works for a significant period. Lauren and Scalia, who had met at Fordham University, got engaged in 2013 and married in 2015, are committed to maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship for the sake of their daughter.

Their primary focus is on the happiness and well-being of their 6-year-old daughter, Marchesa Anna Scalia. Lauren and Vito continue to share love and respect for each other, as evident in their recent joint attendance at Lauren’s brother Albie Manzo’s second wedding.

Lauren Manzo’s Daughter: Marchesa Anna Scalia

Lauren and Vito welcomed their daughter, Marchesa Anna Scalia, on February 24, 2017. Despite their subsequent divorce, they continue to prioritize co-parenting their child, Marchesa, with the utmost care and attention. The couple expressed their joy and anticipation during Lauren’s pregnancy in 2017, and the name “Marchesa Anna” was chosen as a tribute to their grandmothers.

FAQs About Lauren Manzo’s Journey

  1. Did Lauren Manzo get plastic surgery to address weight loss? No, Lauren Manzo denied undergoing plastic surgery for weight loss. She addressed the rumors on TikTok, clarifying that she didn’t have surgery to remove extra skin or get veneers.
  2. How did Lauren Manzo lose weight, and what medication did she use? Lauren Manzo lost an impressive 50 pounds using a diabetes medication called Mounjaro. She gave up gluten and dairy, tried functional medicine, and used Mounjaro to achieve the last 30 pounds of her weight loss.
  3. Did Lauren Manzo have lap band surgery, and when was it removed? Yes, Lauren Manzo had lap band surgery before, but she removed it in 2020. She opted for other methods, including medication, to continue her weight loss journey.
  4. Why did Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia get divorced? Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia confirmed their divorce after eight years of marriage. The decision was made amicably and had been in the works for a long time. They expressed a commitment to moving forward as a family, prioritizing the happiness and health of their daughter.
  5. How does Lauren Manzo handle her public image and personal imperfections? Lauren Manzo, a public figure from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” openly discusses her imperfections, addressing rumors and sharing her weight loss journey. Her honesty reflects a positive and strong attitude toward well-being and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

In conclusion, Lauren Manzo’s journey is an inspiring tale of determination and honesty. While rumors may swirl, she remains open about her choices and continues to inspire with her commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Her amicable divorce and dedication to co-parenting underscore her strength and resilience in the face of change.

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