Digga D Net Worth in 2024: What Is Digga D Net Worth?

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Digga D Net Worth

Digga D Net Worth

In the world of British rap, one name has been making waves and capturing the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide – Digga D. With a unique style and a compelling story, Digga D has risen to prominence and accumulated quite the fortune. In this article, we will dive into the details of Digga D’s net worth in 2024 and explore the journey that brought him here.

Digga D’s Net Worth: A Whopping $17.6 Million

So, just how much is Digga D worth? According to reliable online sources, Digga D’s net worth is estimated to be a staggering $17.6 million dollars. Yes, you read that right – $17.6 million. But how did he amass such wealth at such a young age?

Name Digga D
Estimated Net Worth $17.6 Million Dollars
Profession British Rapper
Date of Birth 29 June 2000
Age 23 years old
Height 175 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches)
Weight (150 lbs) 68 kg
Birthplace Ladbroke Grove, West London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British

Who is Digga D?

Digga D, whose real name is Rhys Angelo Emile Herbert, was born on June 29, 2000. He hails from the vibrant neighborhood of Ladbroke Grove in London, a place known for nurturing raw talent. His journey to fame began in 2017 when he joined the UK drill collective CGM. It didn’t take long for Digga D to stand out, thanks to his distinctive style and unfiltered lyricism.

Real Name Rhys Herbert
Date of birth 29 June 2000
Age 23 years old
Height 175 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches)
Weight (150 lbs) 68 kg
Birth Place Ladbroke Grove, West London, England, United Kingdom
Gender Male
Profession British Rapper
Nationality British
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Sexual Orientation Straight
Instagram link
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The Rise to Fame

Digga D’s rise to fame was not a stroke of luck but a result of sheer talent and hard work. His mixtapes, “Double Tap Diaries” and “Made In The Pyrex,” made their mark on the UK Albums Chart, reaching the 11th and 3rd positions, respectively. These early successes set the stage for his remarkable career.

Musical Versatility

What sets Digga D apart is his musical versatility. Tracks like “Woi” and “No Diet” showcase his ability to seamlessly transition between different sounds and lyrical themes. This versatility has garnered him a diverse fan base and solidified his position in the music industry.

Overcoming Challenges

Digga D’s journey hasn’t been without its share of challenges. In 2018, he faced legal troubles and was sentenced for conspiracy to commit violent disorder. This led to time spent behind bars and the imposition of a criminal behavior order (CBO). However, Digga D’s determination and resilience allowed him to bounce back stronger than ever.

Breaking Barriers

One of Digga D’s most significant achievements came in 2023 when he announced a headline show at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. This historic moment made him the youngest rapper to grace the stage at this iconic venue, highlighting his enduring impact and widespread appeal.

How Old is Digga D?

As of now, Digga D is 23 years old. Despite his relatively young age, he has already left an indelible mark on the UK rap scene. Fans can look forward to innovative sounds and compelling narratives as he continues to evolve as an artist.

Digga D’s Physical Presence

Aside from his musical talents, Digga D also possesses a commanding physical presence. Standing at 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) and weighing 68 kg (150 lbs), he strikes a balance between agility and strength. These physical attributes complement his energetic stage performances, adding to his overall appeal.


In conclusion, Digga D’s net worth in 2024 is an impressive $17.6 million, a testament to his talent and dedication. From humble beginnings to breaking barriers, Digga D’s journey is a remarkable one. His story not only represents musical success but also resilience, artistic growth, and the breaking of boundaries in British rap.

Digga D Net Worth – FAQ

  1. Who is Digga D? Digga D is known as a British Rapper. Digga D was born on 29 June 2000 and is currently 23 years old.
  2. What is Digga D’s Net Worth? As of 2024, Digga D’s net worth is $17.6 Million Dollars. Digga D is a British Rapper who was born on 29 June 2000.
  3. What is Digga D’s weight? Digga D, the successful British Rapper, weighs 68 kg (150 lbs). Learn more about Digga D from the above article.
  4. How tall is Digga D? Digga D is a British Rapper who stands at 175 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches) tall.
  5. How old is Digga D? Digga D was born on 29 June 2000. He is currently 23 years old. Visit – NewsPSP | NewsDekha

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