Director R Kannan shares about the problems he faced two hours before the release of ‘Biskoth’!

by Glenn Maxwell

Director R Kannan had stated there would be a problem 2 hrs prior to the discharge of ‘Biskoth’ which Santhanam reduced the problem.

The press conference from the film crew required place yesterday because the movie ‘Biskoth’ was launched around the eve of Diwali 2020. When director Kannan spoke then, he stated, whether it weren’t for Santhanam, the show will not have emerge. Two hrs prior to the discharge of the show, it all of a sudden grew to become obvious the film could simply be released whether it had Rs 50 lakhs. Immediately R. Kannan visited Santhanam’s house and requested him to assist him using the release. Santhanam immediately helped R. Kannan with Rs. 50 lakhs. He is why this film is presently released.

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Not just Santhanam but additionally a number of other producers and financiers were accountable for the discharge of the film. Kannan further stated he’d planned to produce this film in April 2020 itself. However the release was delayed because of COVID 19 lockdown, the eye from financiers alone originates to Rs 3 crores. However, Kannan stated the film was launched due to financier Ramprasad generosity because he had stated it had become enough to pay for the eye throughout his Kannan’s next film.

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