Have you heard the term reverse ETL thrown around but are not too sure what it is? Or, do you know what it is but are not sure the best way to get one for your business? You came to the right place. Reverse ETL is quickly becoming an essential tool for any business.

Read on to discover the best Reverse ETL tools of 2022!

Understanding Reverse ETL

Before diving into what the best reverse ETL of 2022 is. You should first have a strong understanding of what it is and how it can dramatically help your company. So, let’s get started.


Before understanding reverse ETL, you should first know what ETL is. It stands for extract, transform, and load. You can think of it as a data pipeline that takes all of your data from varying sources and places it in a central database. This allows your data analysts easy access without dealing with multiple data silos.

The Main Issue With ETL

While ETL is an incredibly useful tool, there is just one problem. In an effort to eliminate multiple data silos, it effectively builds one massive data silo. So, even though it is all in one place, which is nice, it still takes a bit of work to access that data. Every day many departments ask for data so they can upload it into the platforms they use. There has to be an easier way than manually retrieving this data for them, right?

Reverse ETL

The solution to the above problem is, you guessed it, reverse ETL. So, instead of having a data analyst respond to the requests of each department by manually downloading and sending CSV files all day. You can simply implement a reverse ETL and free your analyst to take on other jobs.

What Is It?

So, what is a reverse ETL? Well, it is pretty simple. It is just the opposite of an ETL. It takes the data stored in your central database and acts as a pipeline to transport it to various platforms used throughout the company. So, no matter what software your finance, marketing, or HR team uses, they can have data without even needing to request it.

How Is It Useful?

There are three main ways that a reverse ETL can prove useful to any business. It optimizes operational analytics, provides data optimization capability, and improves your data infrastructure.

Operational Analytics

This is essentially what was mentioned earlier. Each one of your departments will be able to make educated decisions on a daily basis using the data your company has collected. With essentially unlimited access, they will be able to implement the data into their systems and improve their departments every day.

Data Automation

Business is all about efficiency. Time is money, right? So, do not let your employees waste time by fishing for data. You can automate the reverse ETL to give each department the data they need as soon as it hits the database.

Data Infrastructure

A reverse ETL will become an essential component of your data infrastructure. This allows you to personalize customer experiences by seamlessly integrating with the customer relationship management (CRM) platform of your choosing.

How To Get Started

So, now that you have a basic understanding of ETL and reverse ETL. You may be curious how you can start using this tool for your business as soon as possible. The best part about reverse ETL is that it is easier to begin using than you might think. There are two routes you can go. You can build one yourself, or you can outsource.

Build In-House

For larger companies with plenty of resources and manpower, building a reverse ETL in-house is an option. The only issue is that it can take a long time and requires consistent upkeep. It is a complex system that will occupy your software engineer’s time for quite a while. Once it is finally up and running. Your engineers will need to stay on top of updating it because all of the various software it integrates with will change continually.


Many companies, even ones with the resources to build, prefer to outsource. Outsourcing is quick and easy. In fact, you can have a reverse ETL integrated with your company in minutes. Plus, you do not have to worry about maintaining it, freeing your engineers to continue their daily tasks as usual.

The Best Reverse ETL of 2022

So, if you are choosing to outsource this data tool, the next natural question is, what is the best reverse ETL to use? There are many options out there, but the prevailing one this year has proven to be Hightouch. They offer a large selection of integrations, and their team is thorough and experienced.

Get Started Today!

Now that you understand reverse ETL and how beneficial it can be. Simply contact Hightouch today and get started! You will be amazed at what it can do for your company’s daily operations and workflow.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff