Dwarf Mine and the Many Features It Offers!

by Glenn Maxwell

A Complete Guide to Dwarf Mine

Dwarf mine was released on 21st March 2019 by one of the most respected game developers in the industry. It offers premium renders and proven gameplay, giving it a place in India’s lobbies of popular gambling sites. So if you’re a casino regular in India and are yet to play Dwarf mine, you should try it out.

You will find Indian casinos where this game is provided, or you can decide to play from your home on your mobile device. You can find this game on online gaming sites and get started with the demo version if you have internet access. After a while of mastering the basics of the game, you can start playing with real money.

There’s a lot about the game that piques the interest of an intentional gambler looking to earn real money. So, if we’ve convinced you that Dwarf Mine is an excellent game on your gambling radar, here’s a guide to lead the way.

How Does Dwarf Mine Work?

Dwarf mine is a game with chances of winning real money and an accessible demo mode for guest players without signing up. It offers 96.8 RTP, 3,904 times potential maximum win, and a high-risk level. It is an exciting game with balanced math and increased chances of considerable swings, offering a powerful gaming experience. The game caters to those who love gameplay featuring traditional and experimental elements.

Dwarf Mine reels are created in one of the mines where miners extract precious metals. The game is a 5-reel slot that offers 1024 ways to generate winning combos, and the Expanding Reels feature provides up to 16,807 winning chances. The more understanding of the game you have, the higher your chances of leveraging any of these winning chances to make some money.

Understanding the Symbols in Dwarf Mine

Many online slot games have symbols that are unique to them. One of the major things you will have to do is know what these symbols represent before you start playing. Yes, it may not be possible to know all these symbols on your first try, but you must be intentional about learning them.

Dwarf Mine features a pleasant and high-quality design outlook; the aesthetics make playing the game even more exciting. The slot game provides bets ranging from 8 INR to 10,085 INR per spin. 

The symbols on Dwarf Mine are categorized into three: cheap, expensive, and costly characters. The cheap symbols include four card suits, while the expensive ones feature a shovel, pickaxe, helmet, and lamp. The third category, the costly, includes green, red, blue, and yellow precious stones. A player gets winning combinations when they get the same symbol on three consecutive reels to the left.

A multiplier is added if there is more than one symbol on the Dwarf Mine reel. There’s also a bonus symbol, a drill, and a particular image in the slot with exciting features. This special symbol activates free spins; Dwarf Mine does not feature wild symbols. Here you can try it https://parimatch.in/en/page/online-dwarf-mine

Activating Dwarf Mine Bonus Features

As a beginner or a professional, bonus features are essential to your game plan, and you should jump at any provided for you. Dwarf Mine has a few bonus features, including the Expanding Reels, Free Spins, and Collectible Symbols.

  • Expanding Reels

You activate this feature when at least one bonus symbol is on the playing field. Once started, the playing field increases by one, two, or three rows to create more winning combinations.

  • Free Spins

You can activate the Free Spins feature when three bonus symbols simultaneously feature on the first, third, and fifth reels. In this instance, you have the opportunity of playing ten free spins; these spins will occur on an enlarged 5×7 playing grid.

  • Collectible Symbols

The Collectible Symbols only appear when the activation of the Expanding Reels feature creates additional rows.

  • Collection Free Spins

Next to the playing field are four boxes, each belonging to one color of crystals. When you enter the game, you automatically get two crystals of each color; the crystals move to the relevant boxes. You activate the Collection Free Spins feature when you fill at least one box with five stones of the same color.

Then, you get five bonus free spins played on the enlarged 5 x 7 playing field. At this point, expensive symbols in the form of precious stones have joined the simple ones on the reels.


Even if you’re only a casual casino customer not looking to make money, you will enjoy the entertaining free features of the game. Whether you activate any feature, the base Dwarf Mine game is still exciting and engaging. However, you have the best gaming time when wilds, scatters, or special features or symbols get activated. To enjoy this game, all you have to do is select a secure platform. It should be one where the safety of play is guaranteed, and the security of transactions is assured.

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