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by Glenn Maxwell

Are you currently a follower of vintage clothing in the Uk? Are you currently keen on old-fashioned clothes and also put on them rather of making a whole collection? If that’s the case, the Edj Vntge(r) is an excellent site to look on.

Edjvntge.com stated that the little amount of deterioration could be normal in vintage clothing and also the size may not be identical to the size the outfit. Edjvntge.com is simply a couple of days from expiring so we recommend studying Edj Vintage reviews.


Edjvntge.com sells second-hands vintage clothes on the web. Edjvntge.com sorts clothing based on gender and size and packages them in bundles to market as mystery boxes. These Mystery boxes might have any color, design and style of clothing. You will find 16 products readily available for purchase at Edjvntge.com. There’s a couple of products which include:

  • Vintage mystery box that’s standard
  • A classic and superior quality mystery box
  • Vintage mysterious leg-put on item that isn’t a mysterious
  • Vintage mystery item box (womenswear), etc.
  • Features:

Buy vintage clothes at: https://world wide web.edjvntge.com/.

Social Networking Linksnot available on Edjvntge.com.

Prices:between PS19.00 to PS1175.00 It’s a element in evaluating Is Edj Vintage the best brand?

  • Address Physical: isn’t for auction on Edjvntge.com.
  • Review by Customers and Blogs:not based on Edjvntge.com.
  • The Conditions and terms arenot pointed out on Edjvntge.com.
  • Policy on Privacy: Not mentioned on Edjvntge.com.
  • Telephone (or) Whatsapp telephone number Unlisted on Edjvntge.com.

store locatorEdjvntge.com isn’t outfitted using the store locator or address of physical stores.

Deliveries:Delivery inside the United kingdom is 10 business days and worldwide shipping can require four days.

shipping:The precise processing some time and the shipping costs weren’t mentioned.

tracking:Possible on 3rd party websites, for example Hermes.

Cancellation: Policy information not pointed out. An adverse highlight in Edj Vintage Reviews.

The Returns Policy is: Just defective (or) improper clothing could be qualified for return.

Returns They are presented in rare times when the client doesn’t want an exchange.

E-mail addressnot for auction on Edjvntge.com.

Mode of Payment:In GBP.

Newsletters: Edjvntge.com doesn’t publish newsletters.

Solutions which help:this isn’t on Edjvntge.com

Owner’s information:The facts from the Edjvntge.com owner are hidden through the internet’s censorship.


  • Edjvntge.com is really a store that provides second-hands vintage clothing
  • Edjvntge.com sells vintage clothes using the minimum (or) damage, as well as in good shape.

Cons to consider Does Edj Vintage legitimate? :

  • The vintage clothing may vary within the size.
  • When there isn’t an apparent defect the clothes are regarded as in good shape.
  • Important policies aren’t on Edjvntge.com
  • Poor Edjvntge.com style without any search filters, sorting and filtering options , and
  • It’s hard to make contact with Edjvntge.com customer care

Is Edjvntge.com Legit?

  • Edjvntge.com Creation: 29th March 2020 at 04:48:36 PM.
  • Edjvntge.com Updated on:14th March 2021 at 01:13:59PM.
  • Edjvntge.com Expiry date:within next 57 days from 29th March 2022, at 04:48:36 at 04:48:36.
  • Edjvntge.com Age: 12 months, 10 several weeks and three days old that is a crucial element to think about within the Edj Vintage Reviews.
  • Trust Index: Edjvntge received an undesirable score of trust at 27 percent.
  • Supply of Origin:Edjvntge.com originated from Canada.
  • The status of blacklisting Edjvntge.com isn’t blacklisted.
  • Closeness to suspicious websites:an optimistic highlight as a result of score of fourOrten.
  • Risk Profilea good highlight because of the 2/100 rating.

The Phishing Score isa Positive highlight due to a score of just oneOrone hundred.

  • The Adware and spyware Score isa good highlight due to a score of twoOrone hundred.
  • Junk e-mail Scorea Positive highlight due to the a score of /100.
  • Connection Security: Edjvntge.com uses valid HTTPS protocol.
  • Hr Person:not Specific on Edjvntge.com.
  • Social networking: Edjvntge.com exists on Twitter using more than 33K supporters.
  • Owner’s contactinformation:hidden with an online sites.

Customers Edj Vintage Reviews :

Overview of the merchandise can be obtained on Edjvntge.com and all sorts of comments are positive and also have a rating over four stars. So, they’re not reliable and never true.

There are a variety of positive and fascinating YouTube reviews about Edj Vintage Mystery Boxes. On the review website for purchasers 4206 customers happen to be rated Edjvntge.com having a 2.6/5 stars.

There aren’t any reviews published around the account @edjvntge Instagram. You will find however four reviews of the positive website. However, Edjvntge.com achieved a dreadful Alexa rank of just one,914,429.

Since a repayment method wasn’t identified ahead of time on Edjvntge.com,


Edj Vintage reviewsconcludes that Edjvntge.com might be a legitimate website. But, Edjvntge.com will expire within the next a 3 week period. It might it can also be expired after 23 several weeks,

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