Elden Ring: Where Are High-yielding Runes Farm Locations?

by Glenn Maxwell

It has critically acclaimed Elden Ring since its launch. It is full of elements of Dark Souls, allowing players to experience more fantasy colors while experiencing interesting gameplay. And Runes are the most important currency in Elden Ring. Players need to collect a lot of runes to upgrade their characters. And they can get elden ring runes by finding items or killing enemies and bosses and then improve their character stats.

Once they get enough runes, then they can choose an Attribute Point that needs to be upgraded. They can choose any of Vigor, Endurance, Mind, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane. These can increase the player’s stsats enhancing their power. And many players want to upgrade and farm runes as soon as possible. They can find some correct places and invest more time and energy to get richer rewards. Here are some high-yielding farm locations.

Elden Ring

Caelid Rune Farm

This farm location is in Caelid. Players need to venture to Marika, the third church in the Limgrave area, then find a portal in some bushes to the northeast and activate it to reach Greyyoll’s Dragonbarrow. Then activate the Lost Grace next to it and go to the bridge and another Lost Grace location. Players can kill a lot of small enemies with between 600 and 1000 runes between active Lost Grace. Repeating this process will give players hundreds of thousands of runes.

Liurnia Rune Farm

It is the easiest rune farm location in the game and can be found early in the Liurnia region. Players will need to follow the road east after completing Stormveil Castle to the Luurnia Highway North Lost Grace. In front of it is the battlefield of a group of spirit soldiers and a giant who seem to be caught in an eternal war. Players just have to walk forward to trigger them all to spawn, then step back when they kill each other and net them a few thousand runes.

Moghwyn’s Palace Bird Farm

This location is actually an end game area, but we can access earlier it by completing the Varre questline. It’s called Bird Farm because it requires players to kill a specific crow. On this farm, players need to shoot with ranged weapons to provoke enemies and make them fall off cliffs as they try to get close to them, which nets players around 13,000 runes. They can repeat this process to earn millions of runes.

These are all farm locations that can help players earn rich runes, but as the game progresses, they may need more and more runes to advance a level. And high rewards always come with risk, and it’s boring to repeat the same process many times. So many players will choose to buy Elden Ring Runes on the site.

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Moghwyn’s Palace Bird Farm

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