Enhance, add depth, and transform your eye colour with top-quality coloured contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts!

by Glenn Maxwell

Coloured contact lenses are an easy way to add a fun colour change to your eyes. Now it’s even easier to switch up your style, with coloured contact lenses available in prescription or planos (non-prescription). Now anybody can experiment with colour, not just for special occasions but as a daily style statement. Feel Good Contacts are your one-stop-shop for all things eye care, including glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and coloured contact lenses.

Feel Good Contacts stock well-known and loved brands such as Acuvue, FreshLook and Air Optix. For a more affordable price point with the same high-quality as the big brands, their own line of coloured lenses, comfi Colours, is a brilliant choice. These daily disposable lenses provide a natural colour update to your eyes and have the convenience of being disposable daily-use lenses. This allows you to enjoy wearing the lenses throughout the day before disposing of them before bed, removing the hassle of a lens cleaning routine.

Monthly coloured contact lenses

For those that don’t mind a simple lens cleaning routine, monthly coloured contact lenses are the most affordable way of wearing coloured lenses. If you plan to wear lenses every day, whether for cosmetic or prescription purposes, this may be a great option for you. With or without prescription, these daily use, monthly disposable lenses can be used every day for a month, as long as the lenses are cleaned and stored every night. After 30 days of use, the lens can be disposed of and replaced with a new set.

It’s important to note that monthly coloured lenses must be thrown away after 30 days, not 30 wears. If you wear your contact lenses for longer than the specified wearing time, you could be putting your eyes at risk. You should only ever use your contact lenses as directed, and even when only wearing coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes, you should have a lens fitting to ensure the lenses you buy fit your eyes properly and comfortably.

Daily coloured contact lenses

Daily disposable coloured contact lenses are some of the most convenient lenses to use. This is because they can be worn for an entire day before being disposed of at night. This is a more costly option than monthly coloured lenses; however, the ease of use and lack of a lens cleaning routine means that this option will appeal to those living a fast-paced or busy lifestyle. For those that may not want to wear lenses every single day, this is an excellent option because you can choose the day or occasion for wearing your lenses and then throw the lenses away before bed. For Halloween, birthday parties or simply a fun occasion, daily disposable coloured lenses are ideal.

Coloured lenses – not just for occasions

Many celebrities wear coloured lenses as a way of changing up their appearance. Kylie Jenner, Paris Hilton, Hudda Kattan (Huda Beauty) and Nikki Minaj are just some of the famous faces that enjoy changing their eye colour regularly. Paris Hilton wears her blue lenses so often that many don’t know her actual eye colour is brown. These celebrities know the power of eye colour and how a subtle change can make a big impact on your overall look. You too can enjoy the transformative.

Of course, coloured lenses are a fantastic way of adding some drama and interest to an outfit. For a Halloween costume or a special birthday/anniversary, coloured lenses can add that extra something special. Just like you shouldn’t save your nicest clothes “for best” you don’t have to wait for these special occasions for you to enjoy wearing coloured contact lenses. Coloured lenses can be a stylish addition to your daily look; from a subtle difference to a more striking colour change, there is something for everyone in the world of coloured lenses.

The most affordable coloured contact lenses online

For the best quality coloured lenses from big brands, order online from Feel Good Contacts. Ordering couldn’t be more straightforward, just add your preferred coloured lenses to your basket, enter your prescription, and your new lenses will be on their way, arriving with super-fast delivery. They have the best selection of coloured lenses for both daily and monthly use. Not only do they offer competitive prices, but they also offer a first-time discount of 10% to welcome you. To make things even more affordable, you can also earn reward points on every order, which can help you to save money on future orders.

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