Everything You Need to Know About White-Label Content Marketing

by Glenn Maxwell

White-label content is similar to ghostwriting in that a freelancer or agency creates it and then publishes it as your own. When done correctly, white-label content can save you a lot of time and help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

With thousands of new businesses opening every day, the demand for white-label content marketing has increased significantly, particularly among small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). According to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE), small businesses account for most businesses in the United States. According to the council, small businesses accounted for most job growth in the United States.

Content marketing is a critical early lead generation opportunity for small businesses, and white-label content creation is an absolute must, as in-house writers are typically an expensive investment.

What is White-Label Content Marketing?

Outsourcing all of your marketing efforts to a third-party, ghostwritten marketing agency is white-label content marketing. After they’ve created your writing and collateral, it’ll be completely published and branded in your company’s name.

At ROI Minds, for example, we create content for our clients for a small fee, which they then publish to their surfaces. White-label content marketing includes all aspects of digital marketing solutions, such as social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing.

Why SMBs Need White-Label Content Marketing?

White-label content marketing relieves you of day-to-day marketing responsibilities, allowing you to focus your efforts on other critical business areas. For example, if you want to create blog posts about your services, ROI Minds will create a blog post for you that you will publish on your website as your own. As a result, you won’t have to risk compromising your brand in your content marketing efforts by including distracting bylines or author bios.

To assist you in making your decision, here is a breakdown of what a white-label content outsourcing platform can do for your company.

  • Saves Time and Money

It’s understandable to want to create and oversee your company’s messaging – but creating content takes time and resources. Creating content can become a full-time job, diverting your attention away from other critical tasks necessary for the company’s growth.

Furthermore, you may be unfamiliar with important aspects of content creation, such as SEO or social media marketing. Finally, your content falls short of expectations, costing you money and time.

Using a content writing service allows you to focus on your core responsibilities at the company while the experts create engaging and compelling copy that converts. You hire the most qualified people to work on your content, and you use the most up-to-date technology and tools.

  • Gives You Freedom

In terms of core responsibilities, outsourcing your content marketing to a white-label company allows you to focus on other critical areas of specialization within your company.

Why should marketing efforts bind you and your team when you could be innovating or developing solutions? Statistics show that small businesses are responsible for more than half of all innovations developed in the twentieth century; it’s critical to capitalize on those early days of efficiency rather than squander them on time-consuming content efforts.

  • Puts You On Par With Your Larger Competition

When you outsource your content marketing needs, your brand voice becomes as powerful as a larger competitor with large content creation budgets. With the help of a white-label content marketing agency, you can boost content that ranks highly on search engines, giving you the same visibility as larger firms in your industry.

The great equalizer is content.

  • Allows You to Expand Your Services

You can broaden your service portfolio by collaborating with a white label agency to provide tailored solutions to your client’s business needs. You don’t need to hire additional staff in your company to expand the scope of your services by partnering with an agency.


  • Increases The Visibility of Your Brand

A white-label content marketing agency has expert writers who know how to create SEO-optimized content, which increases brand awareness immediately. They use best practices in their writing, which allows the content to rank on the first pages of search engines, increasing your company’s visibility to potential customers.

Great content increases your brand’s visibility among users, and the best agencies optimize for it.

  • Makes You An Expert

Having great content on your blog related to you makes you and your company stand out as thought leaders among the competition.

A content writing service uses the diverse expertise of its various writers to establish you as an authority by providing value-added, in-depth content that eliminates the need for readers to look elsewhere for answers to their questions.

This is much more difficult to accomplish with in-house writers unless you find an exceptional generalist.

  • Provides Access to The Latest Tools and Technologies

A content outsourcing platform will typically have the most up-to-date tools and technologies, allowing the writers to create the best copy for you.

For example, tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo aid in better writing by providing insight into the best keywords to use on any given topic. However, they work well in a content creation service because the writers understand what to do with the information.

Purchasing such tools for your business would be pointless and costly if you didn’t know how to use them.

  • Costs Less Than In-House Staff

Having an in-house writer is costly for any company. A content creator’s annual salary ranges from $35,000 to $75,000, with an average of $43,000.

This is without medical insurance or any other benefits, and it only applies to one employee.

To create useful content in-house, you may also require an SEO expert, who will cost an average of $45,000, and possibly a graphic designer, who will cost an average of $44,000. Hiring a white-label content marketing agency is much less expensive, and you get access to a much broader range of experts.

When to consider hiring a blog article writing service

1.Your Budget is Limited

Every company looks for ways to cut costs, and have a full-time, in-house writer can be costly. Hire a white-label content marketing firm to help you manage your business budget.

Outsourcing saves you money in the long run.

2.You Need A Steady Flow of Content

Hiring a content writing service is the best way to ensure that you have several blogs to maintain your visibility and create a consistent message. Their team is prepared to create a series of articles and other content over a long period. As a result, you can continue to provide your audience with authoritative and professional content that distinguishes you.

3.Writing Isn’t Your Thing

Creating content in-house will be financially disastrous for any startup if you and your employees aren’t savvy writers. You will not only get the messaging wrong, but you will also waste time and money creating the content.

That is the time and money you could spend on your core competencies and service delivery.

4.You Need Subject Matter Experts

Writing as a subject matter expert is difficult and time-consuming, and it becomes more difficult when you have a limited understanding and knowledge of the subject.

A content writing service has access to many subject experts from various niches, so you don’t have to look for one and haggle over rates.

Oh, and in-house subject matter experts are prohibitively expensive, preventing you from shaking things up or experimenting with new strategies.

What To Look For In A Content Outsourcing Platform?

  • Skills That Match Your Needs

Just because an agency has writers doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for your needs, and you must determine if they are by concentrating on their abilities.

Do they, for example, have subject matter experts or technical writers who can explain complex concepts to a non-technical audience? This is especially important if your products or services are highly technical.

Naturally, such knowledge should be supplemented by knowledge of best writing practices such as SEO optimization and keyword research.

  • Revision Policy

Everything will not always go as planned, and a writer or two may get concepts wrong, requiring a revision.

Choose an agency that values your client input and is dedicated to getting your messaging and information correct. Here are two scenarios that should assist you in determining which agency has the best revision policy:

Scenario 1:

There is new information about the industry that affects your product or service, and you need to revise the content brief while writing. Is the white label advertising agency able to accommodate the addition?

Scenario 2:

You just realized that the content about your product is misleading, even though you provided correct background information and a detailed brief on the product. Does the agency agree to a free rewrite?

A service provider whose corrections and changes are heavily penalized is not a good fit for any client.

  • Reasonable Charges

Expensiveness does not always imply superior.

Compare costs from five to seven different agencies to get an idea of the overall cost. Anyone who is too low should raise an eyebrow. Overpriced merchants may offer much more than the average agency, but make sure that their services are useful if you decide to go with them.

Don’t pay for services you won’t use.

  • Work And Standard Ethics

Before engaging any agency’s services, evaluate their work ethics and standards of performance. You can read their previous client reviews to see if they deliver. Request references and make sure to speak with them and look over their websites and other content.

Once you’re satisfied with the content, hire the agency on a trial basis for at least two months. During this time, assess their ability to meet deadlines, their understanding of the subject matter, their writing ability, and their response to feedback.

Investigate their ability to post the content directly to your various channels. You agree to an extended contract only after you are completely satisfied with their work.

Is A White-Label Content Marketing Agency For You?

Every business model has its quirks, but one thing remains constant: content is king.

So, if you want to excel and stay ahead of your industry’s competition, you must regularly create compelling content. You can ignore content writing service providers if you have the budget to hire an in-house team.

A white-label eCommerce agency is probably your best bet if you don’t have a big budget but need consistent, high-quality content.

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