Facilitating Employee Recognition Programs in Your Office

by Carter Toni

Within recent years, there has been a major change throughout the workforce, as inter-office relations have experienced a major change. All throughout the workforce, employers and employees have different relationships and expectations about a variety of elements, and it is imperative to note that employees are looking for something different from their jobs. Salary is still of course an extremely important element; however, employees in 2021 also care about being recognized to improve their job satisfaction and to boost motivation. Top companies have taken notice of this change and have begun adopting employee recognition programs throughout their business models. Corporations need employee recognition throughout their business models in order to have a more efficient and effective office, which is one of the main reasons that they have adopted them. This has created a myriad of change throughout companies’ cultures and in order to keep up with market trends, it is critical for your enterprise to do the same. When implementing employee recognition systems into your business model, it is essential to learn about the various elements involved. Comprehending the most important facets of these types of programs and implementing them into your daily practices will help to build a better company culture. 

What is the Foundation of Employee Recognition Programs?

Building up your employee recognition solution will not be a simple task, but it can be made easier by following the basic foundation of the 5 Ws. The 5 Ws include Who, What, When, Where, and Why – these will be the foundation of all daily employee recognition facets, as they will help to personalize and customize your employees’ needs. The best managers understand how the 5 Ws will aid in improving and facilitating employee recognition throughout the office and will allow for a more approachable framework. Learning about how to utilize the 5 Ws in practice will prove to be extremely advantageous. 

How to Use the 5 Ws in Practice?

When building up your employee recognition program, it is imperative to focus on the 5 Ws in all decisions you make. Top research acknowledges that it is important to focus on all of your employees when performing recognition; this is where the ‘Who’ facet of the 5 Ws comes into play. You should be focusing on all types of relations throughout the office, including manager to employee, employee to manager, peer to peer, and more. Another important facet is the ability to redeem points for items that employees truly want, in conjunction with positive words of affirmation; this is the ‘What’ aspect. Next is the ‘When’ element – you need to involve recognition into your management in a quick and timely manner; however, you still want to ensure that it is done unexpectedly. The ‘Where’ element involves performing recognition in an efficient manner, with the use of analytics combined with actionable insight to determine the program’s effectiveness. Finally, the ‘Why’ involves improving company values and customizing your company culture to be more successful. 

Final Thoughts

In order to have the best possible experience with an employee recognition program, it is essential to focus on the 5 Ws. Learning how this will aid your enterprise is imperative when investing.

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