Gadgets to make your smart home!

by Glenn Maxwell

Give your home a smart touch by integrating technology into your everyday living in exciting and unique ways! Check out our top smart home gadgets you can add to your home to bring your space into 2022.

Considering adding some smart home gadgets or fixing up your home-sweet-home to make a sale this summer? Check out what fixes are necessary before you decide to list. In the same vein, learn how you can effectively price your home to sell in today’s ever-changing real estate market.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Our first pick for smart home gadgets you can add to your home is smart kitchen appliances. Cook like a professional with minimal effort by using smart appliances.

Consider WiFi-enabled appliances so you can control them from your smartphone. Add a voice-controlled appliance to make things easier while cooking. Imagine telling your microwave to pop your popcorn without even having to touch a button; or controlling your morning cup of coffee from bed before you get up with a smart coffee maker! Other trending smart home kitchen gadgets are upgraded refrigerators with tablet screens and interior cameras.

Clever Pet Devices

It’s no secret our pets are part of the family, so integrating smart pet products is a no-brainer. Try looking into adding a treat-dispensing camera for when you’re away, or automatic dog doors to easily control when Fido can come and go. There are also smart crates and litter boxes to make life as a pet owner a little easier.

Decorative Television

Add some aesthetics to your space with a decorative television. These frame T.V.’s display artwork or appear to be a decorative mirrors on the wall when not in use. Great for added design appeal, these decorative televisions will be a talking point for any host.

Cleaning Made Easy

Make daily cleaning of your home a bit easier by integrating smart cleaning devices into your home. There are smart toilet bowl cleaners to ensure a sparkling clean bathroom. Or consider adding a robot mop-vacuum combination for effortlessly clean floors all the time or a Deebot Pet Vacuum Cleaner to pick your pet’s hair around the house. There are even robot window cleaners to take the grime off without any effort on your part.

Smart Security

Give your home security a smart upgrade with smart security cameras, a video recording doorbell, or a keypad door knob on your exterior door. Smart home security ensures your valuable property is secure and you and your family are safe when home.

Sleep Smart

Add a touch of smart technology into your bedroom for a smarter, better night of rest. Add a smart bed that allows you to adjust the firmness of your mattress. Allow your partner to have a cushy night of rest, while you sleep with firm support. These smart beds also offer sleep tracking so you can better understand how you’re resting and make necessary adjustments with the newfound data.

We hope you’ve found these smart home gadgets you can add to your home inspiring and useful! Adding technology where you can not only add value to your home, it makes life a little easier for you and your family.

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