Get absolute control over the construction lifecycle with ERP Software!

by Sean Dixon

The construction industry is booming post the pandemic. After a couple of years of hiatus, construction is running at full swing all around us. With such a huge spurt in projects, real-estate companies and construction giants need a robust and sophisticated IT system that would bolster the different processes while bringing in operational efficiencies. For any construction company, running a tight ship by keeping the workers productive and project sites running is of top priority. The digital construction services offered by various tech companies, like Signax, seamlessly integrate all the operations for any construction life cycle that you might be involved in which helps reduce risk, wastage, and man hours. Construction ERP software enable firms to increase profitability and get ahead of their productivity targets.

Improved project management for construction

The biggest hurdle in any project management is decision making. The earlier you take decisions, the more work you get done. The set of digital tools in an ERP empower you to do just that. Whether it is the engineering consultant, project manager or the owner, ERP software help reduce the time taken for management decisions. And that’s not it, the software takes full advantage of BIM technology for a hassle-free experience.

By ensuring that you have full control over the construction site, the host of digital construction products enable you to monitor the progress of the works in real-time. By ensuring that all the orders are on site, that the security measures are in place and the various important construction dynamics are in order, ERP software allows the owners to be on top of their construction project.

You can perform a site inspection, reduce the man hours required and gather all the necessary data from the site even if your team members are not present in person at the location. You can essentially link your office and the site using the nifty tools and ERP system provides. Remote working is the need of the hour and through these highly sophisticated digital tools you can ensure that you have full control even from a remote location.

Benefits of utilizing an ERP software for a construction site

You might have hired the best engineers and the most versatile project managers for your site but without the proper tools none of them will be able to deliver the work on time. An ERP system works to save time for you since the most valuable objective in any construction job is to adhere to the timelines. Through such digital services and products, you can:

  • Optimize your planning
  • Create digital documents and files in .RVT, .DWG and .IFC format
  • Access all the details over your smartphones
  • Streamline project management
  • Perform accurate cost estimations
  • Create precise demand forecasts
  • Improve reporting
  • Monitor the productivity of the workers
  • Increase the efficiency in your decision-making process

A peak into different suite of products

Tech companies provide the best-in-class digital services for your everyday construction needs.

  • Dashboard – A single source of all the information, data, key figures in a visually appealing format right in your pocket. Getting a quick look at the construction model, calculating the rate of construction, and creating forecasts was never so easy. This product will allow you to visualize the complete volume of work on a BIM model right in your smartphone.
  • Inspection – Never before was inspecting a construction site as easy as clicking a button. With the associated photography App, you can create viewing angles and capture 360-degree photos for real time comparison of on ground reality. It provides you the ability to make prescriptions through legally significant documents and also control defects.
  • Tools – There are host of tools available with the ERP software that enable end-to-end reporting solution for your engineers. They can even utilize 3D models both as a source and as a means to update the completion of work. Whether it is RVT, IFC or DWG format, you can slice and dice the models and connect them with Dashboards to update everyone in real time.

Many old ERP software seldom allow you to move beyond excel and spreadsheets. With new-age ERP software used for construction sites, you not only control the cost but also control the construction happening on the ground. Technology is the greatest asset one can have in the construction industry. With the cutting-edge solutions right in the palm of your hand, you can be rest assured of achieving the market leadership in timely delivery of projects and highly efficient project works.

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